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End of Simultaneous search

For the past nine years, Simultaneous search has functioned as a tool to help users quickly find relevant information in the large and varied range of digital content of the THUAS library. By displaying the number of search results per source, the user quickly gets an indication of the possible importance of the source. And by searching multiple sources simultaneously, a lot of time is saved. However, it was not an ideal solution and the increasing number of digital sources offered by the library led to more malfunctions, reducing the reliability of the system. Therefore, Simultaneous search is no longer available from July 1st. Instead, we offer these tools: the improved databases overview, E-Publication Finder and three new browser add-ons: Lean Library Access, LibKey Nomad and EndNote Click. See the Browser tools page for more information.



The interface of Boomportaal has been updated to version 3.0.


URL changes

The access URLs for some databases were recently changed: ESB, LexisNexis Nederlandse Bedrijven, Nexis Uni, O'Reilly Safari and Thesaurus Zorg en Welzijn.



It's not possible to read ejournal articles from Vakbase off-campus, but you can download them. When on campus, you can also read the online articles.

Updated: Monday July 19, 2021