Stay in touch

Diploma in your pocket? We would love to stay in touch with you. That’s because we believe we have much to offer one another, even after graduation. The THUAS Alumni Office organises events regularly that benefit our graduates. These relate to current developments and activities in your field, such as refresher courses, symposia and reunions. You can also stay in touch with lecturers and former classmates. Register as an alumnus/alumna

Alumni training and workshops

The Hague University of Applied Sciences would like to assist you in your development as a (young) professional; also after your graduation. By organizing coaching sessions, workshop and training we gather graduates of all ages and educational backgrounds. Together, we learn from each other’s stories and experiences, and expand our professional networks. Take a look at our (English spoken) offer for the academic year 2021-20212.

The THUAS’ alumni network offers you a great opportunity to informally expand your network. Useful and meaningful if you are looking for your first job, or if you want to take the next step in your career. Worldwide the THUAS alumni network counts over 80,000 graduates. A vast and valuable network consisting a wide range of knowledge and experience.

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Post a job opportunity

Looking for good employees? Send a brief description of your vacancy and a link to the site that lists the job opportunity or opportunities to We will post the vacancy in the LinkedIn group of the university (over 13,000 members). If you are a THUAS graduate, you can apply for membership of this LinkedIn group and post the job vacancy  yourself.

LinkedIn group

View the careers of more than 80,000 alumni at our LinkedIn university page. Where do they work? What do they do? Who are our most prominent alumni? 

By becoming a member of our THUAS LinkedIn group (over 13,000 members), you can also easily stay up to date on all developments at THUAS and take part in discussions and networks.

Facebook, Twitter en Instagram

Do you want to follow THUAS' alumni network on other social media? We have a group on Facebook (over 6,700 members), we tweet, and are also present at Instagram

International alumni chapters

Almost 10% of THUAS' 80,000 alumni live abroad. From Aruba to Sweden, from New York to Melbourne: THUAS alumni are everywhere. The Hague University of Applied Sciences believes in a long-term, mutual and meaningful relationship with its alumni. That's why we are committed to keeping in touch with our graduates outside of the Netherlands and facilitating local initiatives. Read more about our international chapters

Replacement documents

Have you lost your diploma? 
Download a free digital extract or request a printed version of your diploma (provided that the diploma was awarded in 1996 or later) via DUO Diploma Register.
Do you need a certified copy of your diploma, grade list or a copy of your propaedeutic certificate?
Please drop by the Student Services desk with your original documents + valid proof of identity and they will provide you with a certified copy on the spot.
Are you unable to visit or is your diploma issued before 1996?
Fill out this form and the Enrolment Centre will send you a certified copy. This service is free of charge, but please take into account a processing time of around 6 weeks.
Questions? Please contact the Enrolment Centre

Contact us

Ms. Colinda Leemburg

Alumni Relations Coordinator

+31 (0)70 - 445 75 57

Mailing address:

The Hague University of Applied Sciences
EK&C / Alumni Office
PO Box 13336
2501 EH The Hague, The Netherlands

Visiting address:

Poseidon buillding

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