Team Global Citizenship & Internationalisation

Team Globali Citizenship & Internationalisation is part of Education, Knowledge & Communication within The Hague University of Applied Sciences. This team is leading when it comes to the goal of “students becoming global citizens in a learning society“. The team supports all faculties in realizing their international ambitions. The team is, amongst others, in charge of coordinating international mobility programmes, internationalising learning outcomes, incorporating the SDGs into the curricula, and maintaining relationships with (strategic) partner universities.

Members of the team

  • Eveke de Louw - Senior International Policy Officer
  • Claudia Bulnes - International Policy Officer
  • Simten Goren-Kalayci - Global Citizenship Officer
  • Marina Labrana - Strategic Partnerships Officer
  • Tiaan Westenberg - Support Officer Internationalisation
  • Paul Nixon - Strategic Partnerships Officer
  • Lieke Steijger - International Policy Officer


It is our goal to educate our students to become Global citizens. This means that our students are not only equipped to act internationally, but also local, regional and national, being able to understand and appreciate others perspectives and added knowledge is a key quality. In order to achieve this, we have made a comprehensive internationalisation plan – contributing to the quality of our students, staff and faculty and focus on the Learning Outcomes of Internationalisation. Internationalisation is not a goal by itself, it facilitates our intercultural dimension in our way of teaching, in the research and our services.

This is visualized in our Compass for Internationalisation, giving direction to our vision.

Strategic Partnerships

One of our core visions at THUAS is to work in a connected way and in this instance we seek to do this via a range of relationships with partner institutions. Whilst at THUAS, all of our partners are important to us, there are a few that we have designated as Strategic Partners. We have chosen partners from 3 key regions: Brazil, China and Europe. Together with these partners we are working on developing a range of thematic activities.

It is important to THUAS that the benefits of working with our Strategic Partners are diffused to and shared by both academic and support staff. At THUAS both groups perform vital roles in the maintenance of relationships with Strategic Partners and it is this philosophy that permeates throughout our activities. In line with all of THUAS’ activities in the field of Internationalisation the end goal of these Strategic Partnerships is to improve the educational opportunities offered to our students across the University as a whole.

Within Europe, we have six strategic partners, who, together with THUAS, form The Hague Network:


Thematic Activities for development with potential Strategic Partners

Designing international curriculaCOIL
Student exchange (inbound)Campus culture and informal curriculum
Student exchange (outbound)Research projects (externally funded)
Joint/double degreesResearch projects (internally funded)
Co-creationTriple (Quadruple) Helix projects
Academic exchangeOthers as determined over time
Support Staff exchange

Partner Universities

Our partners or prospective partners can contact THUAS via our Team GC&I at International Affairs.


All faculties have an international coordinator who can be reached via Team GC&I ( International coordinators implement the international policy in their faculties.

FacultyInternational coordinator 
Business, Finance & MarketingRob Laas 
Health, Nutrition & SportsSimone Hackett
Management & OrganisationClaudia Diers-Lienke  
Technology, Innovation & SocietyWianda Visser
Public Management, Law & SafetyNadja Brouwer - Richardson
IT & DesignJaap de Bie
Social Work and EducationRudy van den Hoven