Frequently Asked Questions



There is limited in-person education in the THUAS buildings. And this will only encompass a small amount of our education activities, due to the restrictions of maintaining a 1.5 metre distance. That means that the majority of our education activities will continue to be offered as remote or online education.

On the Student Portal you can find 12 tips for successful home studying


There is limited space for higher education to allow physical activities to take place. This mainly concerns exams and practical education for which no alternative can be offered. For some exams there an alternative format is possible. Should there be a major change in the test format, the guideline is to inform you at least 10 working days in advance. Online tests can go ahead as planned. Please contact your program for specific information.   

If you are unable to come to school to participate in the physical exams due to corona related limitations, you must follow the standard procedure by notifing the Examining Board through a request in Osiris Zaak. For this it is necessary to submit proof to the dean. The Examination Board will then make a decision.
If a student shows symptoms that can relate to COVID 19 during an exam, the invigilator can call an employee from the faculty office who will ask the student a couple of standard RIVM questions. We do this to find out whether the symptoms indicate a health risk for the environment. This conversation will take place outside of the examination room to avoid disturbing other students while taking their exam. If it is likely that the symptoms may indicate COVID-19 complaints (and are not, for example, allergies or hay fever) then the student will have to leave the exam. The employee will collect his/her belongings. The test will be taken and checked. If the student want to resit this exam, he/she can request a resit at the Examination Board via Osiris Zaak.
Students who are unable to participate in physical examinations at school due to limitations, must, as usual, notify the Examining Board through a request in Osiris Zaak. For this it is necessary to submit proof to the student counsellor. The Examination Board then weighs the interest and makes a decision.
Students who cannot find a good place to take digital tests due to personal circumstances can exceptionally use a reserved space at THUAS. The student must make an appointment for this with the student counsellor

Internship and graduation

Please contact the organisation where your internship would be about the possibilities of continuing your internship. If that’s not possible, please contact your internship supervisor.
Because the requirements for transferring from a HBO bachelor's to a research university master's differ greatly from one study program to another, there is no fixed format for this advice. If you enroll at a university, the university will request additional information depending on your personal situation. We advise you to proactively contact the university of your choice and explain to them your specific situation. Again, keep in mind that you yourself are responsible for obtaining the information you need from the management of your current study programme. For more information, please contact your programme management.
It is possible to organize small-scale graduation or Propaedeutic ceremonies. Contact your programme on this for more information.

(Study)activities abroad

Unfortunately, the decision was made to cancel all physical exchange for the 1st semester 2020/2021. 

Updates on this subject are being done by your programme.

We ask you to discuss this with your programme. The degree programmes have been advised to make a recommendation on an individual basis to determine if the student can go on an internship abroad in the first semester. The government guidelines, RIVM guidelines and the travel advisory issued by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs will be taken into consideration. The degree programme and the student will make some decisions beforehand in case a travel advisory changes into negative for the country of destination or if the government imposes stricter measures.
  • Domestic or foreign travelling for work is not allowed.
  • Group nights or camps are not allowed.
Costs are not reimbursed; this is circumstances beyond our control.
If you have received a Holland / Hogeschoolfonds / Erasmus+ scholarship, you can (partially) keep your scholarship under certain circumstances. For questions, please email

Yes, the THUAS programmes is asked to maintain regular contact with students abroad.

NOTE: Make sure that your stay abroad is registered in OSIRIS at all times.

If it concerns your study progress, but you are not directly endangered, you can contact your study program to find a solution. When it concerns a crisis in which you are also concerned about your physical safety, you can call the emergency number of THUAS 070-445 7679.

Academic progress, study delay and BSA

This has to be considered case by case. The university will make every effort to minimise as much as possible  any negative effect on your study progress.  However, as this is an international crisis we follow the advice of the Dutch Ministry of Education.  Should you be facing a study delay then – in principle – you should first contact your study advisor.  However, as this is such an extraordinary situation, they may be able to answer your question immediately.

The Ministry of Education, Culture and Science has requested that institutions defer issuing negative binding study advice until the second year of studies. THUAS will comply with this request, and has decided to maintain the standard of 50 EC, and any qualitative demands. For our students this means the following:

Enrolled for the first time in the 2019-2020 academic year?

If you’ve obtained fewer than 50 credits, you will be given a deferred advice. We recommended you to carefully consider whether you wish to continue your studies. You should also talk to your mentor/academic career coach. If you’ve achieved the standard 50 credits, you’ll get a positive advice.

Have you received a deferred study advice in the 2019-2020 academic year due to personal circumstances?

We will look at whether without the perils of the corona virus you would have also gotten a NBSA. For instance, because the tests that you still had to take were before 16 March, when the measures entered into effect. If that is the case, you will now too receive a negative binding study advice. If not, you will receive a deferred advice.

Enrolled for the first time in the 2019-2020 academic year, but withdrew between 1 February and now?

You would normally have received a binding negative study advice. But due to the perils of the corona virus, you will now receive a deferred advice.

Enrolled for the first time in the 2019-2020 academic year, but withdrew before 1 February?

Nothing changes for you, you will still not receive a (deferred) advice.

Are you considering to withdraw due to the current situation? Carefully consider the consequences. Withdrawing from studies has consequences for among other things the right to student finance and your right of residence in The Netherlands (in case THUAS applied for a permit for you). Once withdrawn, you also lose the possibility to file for extra financial support that DUO may offer due to Corona. In short, we highly discourage withdrawing for the rest of the academic year.


International students

The decision to go back to your homecountry is yours. Please check whether there are travel restrictions in your home country for travelers from the Netherlands. Check with your programme what the possible educational consequences are. This has to be reviewed case by case. NOTE: THUAS offers limited educational activities. In your timetable you can see whether this also applies to you. If you have any questions, please contact your study programme.

Support for students

On the Student Portal you will find information on study finance, financial arrangements of THUAS, such as the Profiling Fund, board grants, and useful links to bodies that advise in the field of money matters and money worries. 

DUO has acknowledged that this could be a problem. DUO “To be entitled to student finance, you need to show that this is a case of force majeure. To do so ask your (former) employer for a declaration stating that you are not working or working less because of the coronavirus. The declaration must clearly state to what period this refers.” For more information, see We also advise you to discuss this with your study counselor.

No. The Ministry of Education, Culture and Science may decide to adjust the tuition fees in the future, but at the moment THUAS is continuing to provide education which means students are required to pay the full tuition fees. The fact that education is now offered online rather than in person (and with various forms of online support) does not change this. Despite the situation, our goal remains to provide good quality-and-value for money education. If you feel that your programme is not offering sufficient tools or support for you to meet your educational goals, please contact your study adviser / SLB’er. Also, check for more information.

Studying is not always an easy road to the finish line. If you can use some help, then that really isn't strange. For example if you need to combine studying with top sports or parenting, if your Dutch language skills are not as good or if you have a disability. But even if you're not feeling well or are unsure whether you have chosen the right study. THUAS can offer you extra support.  Look at the Student Portal for more information.

You're not the only one. Read this article for tips on how to connect with others, within the limits of the COVID-19 measures.
During these times, the student psychologists are ready to listen to your story and / or request for help. If you get stuck, overflowing, peaks in fear or tension or feeling isolated, the student psychologists offer you an online support place where you can share your story. You can book a one-off Support Session with one of them via the link on the Student Network