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Business & Management

The Business & Management area of interest at THUAS teaches you how to earn a living while improving your own world at the same time. Our degree programmes help you to develop into a professional who dares to make decisions and can turn a change into an improvement.

We help you make a well-considered decision that takes the world around you into consideration.
This means first and foremost learning to change - alone and together - by continuously experimenting with new insights, perspectives, knowledge and skills. We prepare you for a future in which you view the business world not only from an entrepreneurial perspective, but also from a social and communal perspective.

This makes you the most powerful manager of change in your field of work - from small and medium-sized businesses to ministries and multinationals.

We are organising a number of activities to help you with your study choice. The degree programmes Business & Management provide shared information, as well as separately for each degree programme. Do you still need more help? Please go to our study choice page.

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