Throughout the year, the Academy of Masters and Professional courses will be publishing whitepapers that are relevant to working professionals in a variety of fields. The Academy views knowledge sharing as connecting, and so by offering whitepapers, the Academy shares acquired information and insights and creates a bridge of knowledge. It is through this, that the Academy, therefore, wants to stimulate readers to gain awareness and generate change.


Social Impact Bonds
ASocial Impact Bond (SIB) is a financial development that encourages cost-effective and result- oriented cooperation between the public and private sector. The whitepaper outlines the advantages and disadvantages of SIB and delivers a case study to provide insight into the applicability of the concept.


Digitisation Challenging Court Files
The judicial world is one that is bound by traditions, rules and procedures that have been formed over centuries, and that now, wants to make itself more functional to society. This whitepaper investigates the barriers and possibilities of digitalising court files through organisational coaching, emphasising the need for a creative dialogue between management and professionals to generate innovation.