Network for former students

The Academy of Masters & Professional Courses aims to stay in contact with former students through the Alumni Network of The Hague University of Applied Sciences. More than 80,000 former Bachelor’s, Master’s and post-graduate students working around the world have joined this network.

Members can take part in a range of activities every year, such a the Coach-Café for recent graduates or THUAS Alumni Dag, a ‘return day’ for all former students. These are excellent opportunities to meet and network with former classmates.

Expert meeting for alumni

The Academy for Masters & Professional Courses also organises regular meetings which former students are welcome to attend. This includes the annual Expert Meeting, a ‘relationship’ event that serves as a platform for students, alumni, B2B partners, lecturers and programme leaders from the Academy to meet and discuss a current theme related to the education offered by the Academy. 

LinkedIn group for alumni

The Academy for Masters & Professional Courses has also its own LinkedIngroep group that former students can join. In it the Academy shares news about its programmes, events and networking and other meetings.