The Hague Matching Days

De Haagse Matchingsdagen

Did you register yourself for a programme at The Hague University of Applied Sciences? We are looking forward to see you at The Hague Matching Days. The aim of this activity is to give you a good idea of the content and level of the programme. You experience what it is to study at hbo level and you will already meet lecturers and fellow students. An evaluation will follow at the end of the day. We call this the study choice check. After the evaluation you will decide wether the programme really suits you.

Below you can see the date your programme offers a Matching Day. Save the date. You can also see the preparatory assignment the programme expects you to make. What if your programme does not offer a Matching Day** but you want to discuss your study choice because you are not completely sure about yours? Please contact the contact person of you programme below.

Do you have any questions about the assignment of The Hague Matching Days? Contact the contactperson of your programme.

* If you want to learn more about making a pdf document or how to type a text in pdf, please read the instructions

Business, finance & marketing

ProgrammeDateQuestions?Preparatory assignment
Accountancy 27 June 2019  Vikaash Koeldiep Accountancy Assignment
Commerciële Economie27 June 2019 Sushy Mangat s.mangat@hhs.nlCE Assignment *
Finance & Control 27 June 2019
Charina Ori
Finance & Control Assignment *
International Business 

12, 13 or 14 juni 2019 voor studenten woonachtig in Nederland

August 15, 16 or 19, 2019 for international students 

Ozcan Demir
International Business Assignment
International Financial Management & Control Interview
Casper Verschoor
Ondernemerschap & Retail Management
27 June 2019
Michiel Bernsen
ORM Assignment*


Health, nutrition and sports

ProgrammeDateQuestions?Preparatory assignment
HALO No Matching Day** 
Marieke van Bragt
International Sport Management No Matching Day** 
Leo van der Kroft
Mens & Techniek11 June 2019 Antoon Dobbelsteen a.w.m.dobbelsteen@hhs.nlMens en Techniek Assignment
Sportkunde No Matching Day**  
Leo van der Kroft
HBO-Verpleegkunde 25 June 2019

Martijn Sondorp

Assignment via programme
Voeding & Diëtetiek 26 until 30 August   2019 Anne-Marie Scholten
V&D Assignment


IT & design

ProgrammeDateQuestions?Preparatory assignment
Communication & Multimedia Design27 June 2019Johan Jongeneel j.j.jongeneel@hhs.nlCMD Assignment
HBO ICT25 June 2019
Joyce van Geest
HBO-ICT Assignment


Management & organisatie 

ProgrammeDateQuestions?Preparatory assignment
Bedrijfskunde 25 June 2019  Arjan Mulder j.c.mulder@hhs.nlBedrijfskunde Assignment
Communicatie 24 June 2019 
Hanna Annaji
Communicatie Assignment
European Studies27 or 28 June 2019 Dave van Ginhoven d.vanginhoven@hhs.nlEuropean Studies Assignment *
Facility Management 25 or 27 June 2019 Monique Rosier-de Leeuw  FM Assignment
Human Resource Management 25 or 27 June 2019 
Sikko Brand
HRM Assignment
International Communication Management No Matching Day** Margo Stegeman m.stegeman@hhs.nlNA


Public management, law and safety

ProgrammeDateQuestions?Preparatory assignment
Bestuurskunde/ Overheidsmanagement27 June 2019 Angelique Rijsdijk  Assignment via programme
HBO Rechten6, 13 or 20 June 2019
Metin Akyol
HBO Rechten Assignment *
Integrale Veiligheidskunde 28 June 2019 Ingrid Hommenga, Annet Verwest en Jan-Jaap Gelevert ExterneBetrekkingenIVK@hhs.nlIVK Assignment
International & European Law 25 June 2019
Guido Wilbers
LAW Assignment
International Public Management  27 June 2019 Elizabeth Joss
Public Management Assignment *
Safety & Security Management  No Matching Day** 
Rick Arons


Social work & education

ProgrammeDateQuestions?Preparatory assignment
PABO25, 26 or 27 June 2019 

Heleen van Deuzen

PABO Assignment
Pedagogiek No Matching Day** 
Susanne Campos-Stals
Social Work 26 June 2019 
Jeroen Koning
Assignment via programme


Technology, innovation & society

ProgrammeDateQuestions?Preparatory assignment
Bouwkunde25 June 2019
Linda Ameri
Bouwkunde Assignment
Civiele Techniek No Matching Day** 
Katinka Bos
Elektrotechniek No Matching Day**   

Michael Dirksen

Industrial Design Engineering25 June 2019  Laura Stevens l.l.stevens@hhs.nlIDE Assignment
Industrieel Product Ontwerpen28 June 2019 Sylvia Schipper s.j.schipper@hhs.nlIPO Assignment
Mechatronica No Matching Day** Dick van Teylingen d.g.vanteylingen@hhs.nlNA
Process & Food Technology3 June 2019
Ron Haring
PFT Assignment *
Ruimtelijke Ontwikkeling27 June 2019Sebastiaan Beresford s.a.beresford@hhs.nlRuimtelijke Ontwikkeling Assignment *
Technische Bedrijfskunde No Matching Day** 
Judith Baks
Technische Natuurkunde No Matching Day** 
Roel Smit
Toegepaste Wiskunde25 or 27 June 2019 
Ruud Vermeij
Toegepaste Wiskunde Assignment *
Werktuigbouwkunde No Matching Day** Guus Docters van Leeuwen g.doctersvanleeuwen@hhs.nlNA