Open Day on February 5th

Under approval of the new Corona measures

We are looking forward to receiving you all at our locations again. The time has finally come on Saturday 5 February! All our campuses will be open from 10 am to 4 pm. We are looking forward to meeting you and we would love for you to meet our lecturers, students and locations. We would like you to experience the atmosphere at The Hague University of Applied Sciences. That is why the theme of our Open Day on 5 February will be orientation, meeting, doing and looking at whether THUAS has something to offer you. 

There will also be plenty of things going on online. From 31 January - 4 February our international programmes are offering online sessions to support you to make the best study choice.


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What does our Open Day entail?

An introduction to our international degree programmes on 31 January - 4 February during the online sessions

Our international degree programmes are offering online sessions on 31 January - 4 February. That could be a webinar, or a Q&A session where you can ask the lecturers and students all your questions live. When you register via the online registration form, you will receive an email invitation to the online sessions. The programme for the online sessions will be published here on short term, but you will also receive it by e-mail after registering. 

Come and experience the atmosphere on location on 5 February during our Open Day

Have you collected information online and are you curious what the lecturers and students look like in real life? Do you want to know more about the layout of the building? Or experience what the atmosphere is like at the degree programme? Come to the Open Day on 5 February. All our locations will be open. You can get acquainted with the staff members and students at The Hague University of Applied Sciences. You can experience the atmosphere in the building and come and see whether we would be a good match for you. On the day you can of course ask questions, but you can also watch presentations about the degree programme content online during the online sessions in the run up to the Open Day. Or watch videos or previously recorded webinars by the degree programmes. We would love to get acquainted with you on the 5th, meet each other and enable you to experience what it’s like here. So that you know whether THUAS is the right fit for you! Check the programme here (will follow shortly). Please note: all our English studies are located at the Main Campus, except International Sport Management which is located at the Sportcampus.


Would you like to visit us? Please complete the registration form. That’s how you register for the Open Day on 5 February. We will also send you an invitation to take part in the online sessions on 31 January - 4 February. Do you only want to take part in the online sessions? You can also register for those via the registration form.

COVID-19 update 

The THUAS Open Day at 5 February is subject to the COVID-19 measures at that time. See the latest updates surrounding COVID-19 here.

Where do we go from here?

We understand the difficulty of choosing a study. That is why below you will find a list of the steps you can take to arrive at a good study choice.

1. Start by orientating yourself online.

2. Come and see us on 5 February
3. Find out lots of information during the online sessions on 31 January - 4 February
4. Experience a degree programme during the Trail Study Days on 10 and/or 11 March.
5. Spend the day attending classes together with a current student. 
6. Contact our study choice counsellors 
7. Attend the Open Day on 1 April 2022