Meet & Match at International and European Law


Welcome at the Meet & Mate page of International and European Law (“LAW”). Here you will find more information about (1) the date, the starting time and the location of the event, (2) the content of the program and (3) registration. The event is non-mandatory, but we would advise Dutch (HAVO/MBO) students who are considering to start with LAW to register: this is your chance to get a realistic picture of LAW, and to make sure that you will start well-prepared. 

What and when?

  • What: Meet & Match– “The real story about LAW”
  • Where: Main Campus, Johanna Westerdijkplein 75, The Hague
  • When: Tuesday 27th June 2017, from 13:00 till 17:00 hrs
  • Contact person: Mr. Guido Wilbers  -
  • Lunch: not applicable
  • Bring: A valid pin pass in case you would like to buy something in the cafeteria/vending machine


Below you will find the program of the Meet & Match day at Tuesday 27 June: 

TimeActivitity Location
12.30-13.00 hrsRegistration at the Meet & Match welcome desk Main hall

13.05 hrs

13.05 hrs Presentation: LAW - character, structure, contentsSL1.54
14.00 hrsMock lecture, followed by a tea break
15.00 hrsExperiences and challenges of LAW students
16.00 hrsEssay-writing exercise SL1.54
16.30 hrsAny and all questions not yet answeredSL1.54
17.00 hrsAssessment of the eventSL1.54

We look forward seeing you at the Meet & Match in June!

Register and contact

Only for students who registered for International and European Law. Send an e-mail to, confirming your participation. Those having registered will receive an e-mail confirmation with further information.