Meet & Match


Meet & Match complements the Study Choice Check (Studiekeuzecheck) and is part of a good preparation for the start of your study at The Hague University of Applied Sciences. This is another chance to check thoroughly if the study you have chosen, meets your expectations and is the right one for you. It is also a good opportunity to meet your future lecturers and fellow students. Next to that, we will inform you about the start of the study year, such as the introduction days (and possibly the introduction camp).

When will Meet & Match take place?

Meet & Match is an event that will be held on several days in June. The dates may vary for every programme. Look at the list below on which day the programme of your choice offers Meet & Match and save the date!  

How do I sign up?

Important to know: it is not possible to sign up for Meet & Match via the website. Only if you have registered for a study at THUAS, you will be invited for this event. The programme will send you an official invitation by e-mail or post around May 15th to inform you about the location, date and starting time of Meet & Match. This invitation letter will explain in detail how you can register.


Please note that not all programmes offer a Meet & Match event. If your programme is not on the list above, you will be informed in due time about the start (e.g. booklist, schedule, introduction days) by the programme itself (around July/August). In addition, this page only contains our English language programmes that offer Meet & Match. For the Dutch programmes, please check our Dutch Meet & Match page. 


Do you have a question about Meet & Match? From May 15th the Meet & Match programmes will be available on this page. An invitation letter, along with an explanation on how to sign up for Meet & Match, will be send to you as well.

Do you have a question now? Please look up the contact details of your programme via the study overview page of the bachelors. Or send an e-mail to for general questions about Meet & Match.