Help in choosing your study

You face an important decision in your life: which study should you choose? You may already know exactly what you want to study. On the other hand, you may have no idea which programme to choose. We would be happy to help you with this process. The Study & Career Centre at The Hague University of Applied Sciences organizes a variety of activities to help you choose a study that is right for you. Advice is provided both ‘live’ at our counter in the main building and online. Other options are to visit an Open Day, take the ‘study choice test’ or attend an Orientation Programme. The choice is yours

Finding your way to the right study

How do you choose the right study?
Are you still unsure or not quite sure which programme to choose? Either way, these activities should help you find your way to the right study.

Meet us around the world

Let us bring the information to you. Meet us in your home country, or one that’s close by, and get the lowdown on our programmes.

Study Choice Advice
Make an appointment for a meeting with a study choice counsellor to talk about your study choice or career.


Shadow a student
This is not a custom programme, but a regular school day. Spend the day attending classes together with a student.

Open Dag

Open Day
The Hague University of Applied Sciences organizes an Open Day three times a year. Find out what you can expect on an Open Day and when the next one will be held.


Guided Tour
Are you not able to visit the Open Day? And do you live outside The Netherlands? Maybe a guided tour is something for you.

Trial Study Day
The Hague University will not offer Trial Study Days in study year 2018-2019.