Living costs

It pays to budget. Living costs depend on lifestyle and can vary a lot between students.

To play safe you should budget for between €800 and €1,000 per month in the first year. You can bring these costs down by sharing accommodation, cooking for yourself and finding bargains at the local shops. If you rent your own studio, eat out a lot, party hard and travel, you’ll increase your costs. It’s really up to you. By the time you reach your second year, you can cut costs as you’ll know more about how things work and where you can get the best deals.

On top of your basic outgoings like your rent, insurance, utility bills and groceries, account for the less obvious expenses like public transport, books, clothes, cinema tickets - and your social life. Don’t forget to factor in ‘hidden costs’ like your mobile phone bill.

You’ll probably spend around €250 on books and study materials in the first few weeks.


Average accommodation in The Hague costs anywhere between €300 to €600 a month. Of course, you can cut costs by sharing a room, going ‘unfurnished’, or picking a cheaper location. Don’t forget to check if bills and service costs are included in your rent.

Remember - you’re not ‘housing hunting’ alone. We work with other accommodation providers to help you make the right move.

Financial help

It’s rare - but not impossible - for non-Dutch students to qualify for student grants and tuition fee loans.

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