Living costs & other expenses

Here you'll find an overview of what you can expect to spend on your Bachelor’s programme (besides the tuition fees).

Daily expenses 

Your daily expenses include food, public transport, books, clothes, and cinema tickets. But you also need to take into account the costs for housing and insurance. Don’t forget to take any costs of living abroad (like phoning home) into account. Experience has shown that students living and studying in Holland for one year spend between €800 and €1,100 a month. Your first year costs are usually higher, as you’re buying the books you’ll need for the whole programme. You’ll probably spend around €75 on materials in the first few weeks. 

Costs of living 

An average room in the Netherlands costs somewhere between €300 to €600 a month. The costs depend on the type of room you have, what is included in the rent, if the room is furnished, if you will have to share your room (or the facilities) and the size of the room. More information about accommodation in The Hague can be found on the Housing page of our website. For further information on living in The Hague, please check the housing pages of the Study in The Hague website.

Getting financial help 

Some students qualify for extra financial support, like a loan on interest. On rare occasions, non-Dutch students qualify for a study grant. To find out more about your options, you can go to the DUO website or call DUO Info Line (+31 50 599 77 55, on week days between 9am and 5pm).