Collecting tuition fees 2017-2018

If you choose to pay by (digital) direct debit authorization, The Hague University of Applied Sciences will automatically debit the tuition fee from your bank account in one lump sum payment or in 9 instalments.

Pijl-Tips Note: payment via a (digital) direct debit authorisation is only possible for students with a bank account in a SEPA  country. Students with a bank account in a non-SEPA country should pay the entire amount at once, using the confirmation form that can be downloaded on this page.

On this page, you can find out how much in tuition fees you will have to pay at The Hague University of Applied Sciences for the academic year 2017-2018.

The overview below shows the payment dates and amounts for the academic year 2017-2018.

Payment in 1 instalment

If you've chosen to pay in 1 instalment, the total amount of the tuition fees will be debited around 26 September 2017.

Payment in 9 instalments

If you've chosen to pay in 9 instalments, you can find the payment dates and amounts in the table below.

Tuition fees →

Collection dates ↓

€ 2,006
€ 7,900
25 September 2017*
€ 246,88
€ 901,76
25 October 2017
€ 222,89
€ 877,78
27 November 2017
€ 222,89
€ 877,78
22 December 2017
€ 222,89
€ 877,78
25 January 2018
€ 222,89
€ 877,78
26 February 2018
€ 222,89
€ 877,78
26 March 2018
€ 222,89
€ 877,78
25 April 2018
€ 222,89
€ 877,78
25 May 2018
€ 222,89
€ 877,78

* The first instalment includes an administrative fee of € 24.

Please ensure the direct debit will be successful

To allow The Hague University of Applied Sciences to collect the amount(s) ownes, you have to make sure that:

  • you have sufficient funds in your bank account;
  • your bank account allows for direct debiting;
  • you don't change your bank account (number) without informing the Enrolment Centre immediately.

If you are in arrears of payment, this may have serious consequences.

Change bank account

There are two ways to inform the Enrolment Centre that you changed your bank account:

  • Use the Overstapservice (only available in Dutch). Your new account details will automatically be passed on to The Hague University of Applied Sciences. After we have received the new bank details we will ask you to hand in a new one-off power of attorney for the payment of the tuition fees.
  • If you're not going to use the Overstapservice, you can fill out a new one-off power of attorney and send it to the Enrolment Centre.      Please indicate clearly that your bank account has changed.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to update your bank account details through Studielink as yet.


If you have any questions about the collection of your tuition fees, please send an email (mentioning your student number) to the student debtors administration:


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~ last update: 29 September 2017 ~

Contacting the Enrolment Centre

If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to contact the Enrolment Centre.