Request for enrolment during the academic year

For new students the application process for the 2017-2018 academic year is now closed.
Enrolling after the 1st of September is only possible in very special cases with permission from the faculty director. Keep in mind that in most cases enrolment is no longer possible.

Enrolment with retroactive effect is not possible

Please note:it is no longer possible to submit a request for enrolment via Studielink. In order to apply, you need to submit all the required forms/documents at once. Below, you can find a summary.

Please note: your enrolment request has to be submitted to the Enrolment Centre before the end of the month during which you intend to start. Incomplete requests for enrolments or requests for enrolments that are handed in after the deadline will not be processed.

The right to attend classes

Until your enrolment is complete, you are not entitled to attend classes and sit exams. Make sure you submit all the required forms/documents as soon as possible so you have to miss as little classtime as possible.

Summary of documents to submit

Which document

Points of concern
Request for enrolment
Fill out this form completely

Permission form programme

This form needs to be signed by the faculty director. Please visit the faculty front office of your programme.

One-off power attorney
or garantieverklaring'

Tuition fee payment takes place by means of a digital payment authorization (in one or more installments). If the student's employer will pay the tuition fees, the 'garantieverklaring' form may be used. Read more about tuition fees.

(A certified copy of) your diploma
and grades list

A certified copy is a copy with an original stamp and signature of your previous school. If you do not have a certified copy, you have to show the original documents at the Enrolment centre.

Copy of your passport or identity card
(no driver's license)

This document needs to be valid during the entire first month of your enrolment


If applicable:

  • Every student who does not hold an EU/EEA nationality must prove that he/she has legal residency in the Netherlands during the entire first month of his/her enrolment. In order to prove this, a copy of a valid Dutch residence permit must be handed in.
  • If you hold a foreign diploma: evidence that shows you have a good command of the language in which the programme is taught (Dutch or English). You can read more about the language requirements
  • Proof of payment of tuition fees (only if you are already paying the statutory tuition fees at a different University or University of Applied Sciences)

Please note: All of the above mentioned documents need to be handed in at the same time at the Enrolment Centre. Incomplete requests for enrolment will not be processed.

Contacting the Enrolment Centre

If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact the Enrolment Centre.