Application procedure for the academic year 2019-2020

­On this page you will find general information on how to apply for a Thuas study programme starting in the academic year 2019-2020. All prospective students have to apply for enrolment via Studielink.  Your enrolment request must be submitted through Studielink before 1 May 2019. Read more information on important deadlines.

Enrolment requirements

Before you make an enrolment request, please take a look at the general application requirements. It is your responsibility to ensure that you meet the minimum entrance requirements.

On receipt of your enrolment request, the Enrolment Centre will assess if you are eligible for admission at The Hague University of Applied Sciences based your previous education . Please note that only the Enrolment Centre can make statements regarding your eligibility, based on the official rules. No rights can be derived from statements from others about your eligibility.

If you do not meet the minimum requirements, and are 21 years or older, you can still apply to one of our bachelor programmes. Click here for information about our 21+ Admission Test

Pijl-TipsNote: you can only apply for the 21+ Admission Test if you don't need The Hague University of Applied Sciences to apply for a residence permit (for the Netherlands) for you. 

Enrolment steps

All prospective students have to apply for enrolment via Studielink.    

Students with a Dutch address  
If you have a Dutch address, and you are enrolled in a Dutch municipality, you'll have to log in to Studielink using DigiD. A DigiD is a personal password that you can use to log in to websites of the Dutch government.
Note: if you’ve already used your DigiD to log into Studielink before, please proceed to step 2 directly.

Pijl-TipsIf you do not have a DigiD, please request one first at and make sure your DigiD is activated before you follow the steps below. You need your Dutch Citizen Service Number ('Burger Service Nummer' / BSN) to request a DigiD. If you forgot your BSN, you can request it at the city hall. 
Students with a foreign address 

If you don't have a Dutch address, you'll have to log in to Studielink with a Studielink account. 
Note: if you already have a Studielink account, please proceed to step 2 directly. 

Click here to view or download our manual “Create a Studielink account (for prospective students with a non-Dutch address)”.      
Click here to view or download our manual "Make an enrolment request in Studielink".


Students applying for a bachelor programme from countries where a Thuas representative is located, are advised (but not obliged) to apply through one of our agents. For Chinese students applying for the English language preparatory programme it is mandatory to apply through an agent. 

The Hague University of Applied Sciences pays a fee to agents for their services. The agents can also charge a fee to students for services they offer. The costs depend on the services offered by the agent and differ from country to country. If you wish to apply through an agent, please contact the agent of your choice for accurate information about the costs.

During the enrolment process through Studielink you will be asked if you are registering through an agent. If so, the steps below will be taken care of by your agent.

Pijl-TipsAttention:  Agents must use the email address of prospective students to apply for enrolment! Agents should not use their own email address
If your prior education was in the Netherlands, Aruba, Bonaire, Curacao, Saba, St Eustatius or St Maarten and you have applied for a full time study programme, it is mandatory to do the Study Choice Check. The Hague University of Applied Sciences will send you an invitation by email with a link to complete the Study Choice Check online. This is an online check that assesses the quality of your study choice process.
The deadline for completing the Study Choice Check is 31 May 2018 .
After you applied through Studielink for the bachelor programme of your choice, you’ll receive a student number of The Hague University of Applied Sciences (via Studielink, by email) as well as your login details for Thuas’ application system, OSIRIS Application. Within a week, you will be invited to complete your application and upload some supporting documents through OSIRIS Application.


In order to process your application and assess your eligibility, we need you to upload the following documents:

  • A clear copy of your valid ID card (only for European nationality) or passport 
  • Non-EU residents have to upload a residence permit, valid on 1 September 2019
  • A clear copy of your official diploma(s) / certificate(s) including the official transcript or grade list*
  • A valid English language test (if applicable, please see our information on language regquirements).

If you have not obtained your diploma yet you will have to upload an official statement in Dutch or English, signed and stamped by your school, that includes the following information: the name of the diploma/certificate(s) that you will obtain (also in the original language), the expected date of graduation (before 1 September 2019) and a list of your subjects with predicted grades (2018-2019).

Please note that you always have to press the submit button afterwards!

* NB. For some diploma an official translation is required. You can contact CSI in case you have questions about this.

After you have submitted all required supporting documents, the Enrolment Centre will assess your eligibility for admission. You will be informed about our admission decision as soon as possible. In Osiris Application you can keep track on the status of your enrolment request.

Once the admission decision has been taken, you will be notified via email.

Pijl-TipsPlease note: if you have applied through an agent, this email will also be sent to the agent's office. 
For more information on the immigration procedure for your specific situation, please visit our Immigration Procedures page.
If you choose to pay by (digital) direct debit authorization through Studielink, The Hague University of Applied Sciences will automatically debit the tuition fee from your bank account in one lumpsum payment or in 9 instalments. This is only possible for students with a bank account in a SEPA country. Students with a bank account in a non-SEPA country should pay the entire amount at once, using the confirmation form that can be downloaded on this page.

Pijl-TipsPlease note: for non-EU/EEA students for which The Hague University of Applied Sciences has to arrange a Dutch residence permit, the tuition fees are already included in the package fee. 
We advise you to log in to Osiris Application regularly to check which conditions you have to meet before enrolment. We also advise you to log into ‘My Studielink’ regularly to see if there are any actions listed in your ‘My To Do List’. Once you have fully completed your enrolment, the enrolment status in Studielink will read “Enrolled”.