Quality of Life: People and Technology

In the ‘Quality of Life: People and Technology’ research theme, four faculties and nine heads of research groups work together on answering the research question: How can we promote the quality of life of people by connecting people, the environment and technology? What do we contribute on the individual level (people), environmental level (networks), system level (transformation) and societal level? The research focuses on people and their environment, both physical and social, and the interaction between people, health and technology.

Quality of Life: People and Technology

The following lines of research are examined:

  • Vitality and Sports
  • Rehabilitation
  • Care and Welfare
  • Social Networks


The following research groups participate in this research theme:

  • Laure Itard - Energy & the Built Environment
  • Sanne de Vries - Healthy Lifestyle in a Supporting Environment
  • Marcel Spruit - Cyber Security & Safety
  • Bert Mulder - Information, Technology and Society
  • Deirdre Beneken genaamd Kolmer - Family Care
  • Frans Hoogeveen - Psychogeriatrics
  • Arend de Kloet - Rehabilitation
  • Erwin de Vlugt - Technology for Health
  • Rehabilitation - Technology for Health
Leading lectorDeirdre Beneken genaamd Kolmerd.m.beneken@hhs.nl
Programme CoordinatorChris Wallner c.wallner@hhs.nl
ChairmanGert de Ruiterg.deruiter@hhs.nl