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Most patients have one desire, namely to have their health problems treated as quickly and effectively as possible. They do not want to encounter any obstacles along their ‘care path’. But, in reality, the hospital admission and discharge processes do not always run smoothly, even though better pre or post-treatment often has numerous health benefits.

The Oncological Care Research Group is bridging the gap between first and second-line care and conducting research into practical applications that benefit cancer and other patients. These include physical therapy in order to stay fit between two chemotherapy regimens, skin therapy to prevent or alleviate pain associated with surgery scars and home consultations using Google Glass. All of these strategies reduce the cost of care and will most likely lead to health benefits and a better quality of life in the long term.


Joost van der Sijp, Head of the research group from 2016

Joost van der Sijp has been working as a surgeon since 1993. He did his residency at St. Antonius Hospital in Nieuwegein and the University Medical Centre Utrecht. His doctoral research was conducted over the course of a year at St. Mark’s Hospital in London. After completing his residency, he worked at the Academic Medical Centre in Amsterdam, the Daniel den Hoed Clinic in Rotterdam and the VU University Medical Centre in Amsterdam. He has been an oncological surgeon at the Haaglanden Medical Centre since 2005. His interest and expertise lie primarily in breast cancer and oncological surgery of the gastrointestinal tract. Joost holds several administrative positions both within and outside of the hospital and is a member of various advisory panels related to oncological care.

Better pre and post-treatment enables us to provide our patients with significant benefits.

Head of research group Joost van der Sijp

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