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How can we contribute to the quality of daily living of older adults in the city? This question is the focus of the Chair of Urban Ageing. This question is increasingly important as older people are expected to fully participate in an ever ageing and urbanizing society.

About the research group

Every older person should ask herself or himself the question: how can I lead a life in good quality in accordance with my own needs, even if taking part is no longer self-evident or easy? Our society has it responsibilities in facilitating older people. How can facilitate the optimal participation of ageing people with knowledge from the domains of gerontology, social sciences, public administration, architecture and real estate, as well as technology?

In this quest, which revolves around participation in age-friendly city of The Hague; a city in which older people should feel at home, themes like dementia, participation at high age, vitality, ageing-in-place, and diversity of the urban population are being addressed.

About the professor

dr hab. ir. Joost van Hoof Eur Ing

Joost van Hoof (1980) attained his MSc degree at Eindhoven University of Technology (Department of Architecture, Building and Physics). He also studied Environmental Engineering at the Czech Technical University (ČVUT) in Prague. Prof van Hoof attained his doctoral degree from Eindhoven University of Technology (in cooperation with Utrecht University of Applied Sciences and the Academy of Healthcare Utrecht) with a dissertation on ageing-in-place for people with dementia in 2010. From 2011 to 2018 he was affiliated with the Centre for Healthcare & Technology of Fontys University of Applied Sciences, and served as the project leader of the Nursing Home of the Future Programme. From 2012 to 2013, Prof van Hoof worked with the ISSO – the Dutch Building Services Research Institute in Rotterdam in the field of healthy building services. Apart from several board memberships in the domain of older people, technology and housing, Prof van Hoof collaborates and is affiliated with several universities abroad. Key to his work is a focus on the abilities of older people, not their disabilities, even when participations seems difficult.



Towards Responsible Rebellion: governance and participation in collective housing for seniors

Towards Responsible Rebellion: governance and participation in collective housing for seniors

This SIA RAAK-mkb (small to medium-sized enterprises, or SME) project started on 1 May 2019. This project is a collaboration between the Urban Ageing and Public Governance research groups of The Hague University of Applied Sciences, and therefore also between the two Centres of Expertise which are being developed. There is an increasing need for collective types of housing for seniors who find themselves between independent living and nursing care. 
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Professor Urban Ageing
dr. ir. Joost van Hoof
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