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From healthcare to the retail sector and from the world of education to the business community - whichever sector we work in, the way in which we collaborate and live is changing at a rapid pace. Digitisation, automation and globalisation have shifted the value propositions of companies and organisations - not to mention the desires and drives of the higher educated. The Sustainable Talent Development research group studies the effect this has on education in the 21st century and on innovation education in a network society. With an open and education-oriented view and a single important goal: optimal development of every student and professional.

About the research group

How can we make the degree programmes future-proof, considering the fact that traditional professions are dying out? Lifelong learning and development is essential. On a practical level, the boundaries between studying at a higher education institution and learning from professionals are becoming more fluid. Just like all other boundaries, such as the ones between disciplines, countries and organisations. Learning is becoming less constrained and networks that transcend those boundaries are becoming essential. A good example of this is learning together, i.e. in connection with others. The Sustainable Talent Development research group studies new forms of learning and development and aims to identify the forms that benefit students and professionals most.

About the professor

Ellen Sjoer

After receiving her PhD from Leiden University, Ellen began working in the Faculty of Technology, Policy and Management at the Delft University of Technology. She has been a project leader for various research projects about e-learning and information management in higher education and at companies (including Shell). She is also involved in EU projects like Learn RDM in the SME. The first research group she headed at The Hague University of Applied Sciences was the one known as Knowledge Infrastructure for Science and Technology. Ellen also participates in various networks such as the Stichting HRM Lectorennetwerk Nederland and the board of the IACEE (International Association for Continuing Engineering Education). Ellen Sjoer heads the Sustainable Talent Development Research Group since 2011.

Learning and developing: from the first day of the programme up to the time of leaving the professional practice. That's what I want for every professional.


PowerHouse gives educationally vulnerable students self-confidence

PowerHouse gives educationally vulnerable students self-confidence

How can we help long-term students (students exceeding the specified course duration) rediscover their self-esteem? The umpteenth resit of an exam and an ever increasing study backlog have a devastating effect on a student's self-confidence. In collaboration with the Inclusive Education research group, we have initiated the PowerHouse project to develop active learning communities in which educationally vulnerable students learn to overcome their limitations. 

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The TransAct model, lifelong learning in the installation industry

The TransAct model, lifelong learning in the installation industry

The installation industry is in a constant state of flux. Therefore, lifelong learning is very relevant to professionals in this industry. But how do you shape this? In the project TransAct we research and develop digital tools that can support professionals in co-creation, network learning and collaborative learning. The Sustainable Talent Development research group participates in this NWO-funded project. The faculty of Technology, Innovation and Society (TIS) and the research group Energy in Transition of The Hague University of Applied Sciences are happy to cooperate in this research.

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Professor Sustainable Talent Development

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