Centre of Expertise Cyber Security

Research Group Risk Management & Cyber Security

Risk has become a central characteristic of today’s modern, technology driven, globalized and interconnected society, sometimes referred to as ‘the risk society’. Due to our dependency on technology, digital risks are on the rise. Originally, controlling risk was a key responsibility of the government. Nowadays many public and private actors have become involved in managing these risks. Every organization has to make difficult decisions about how much time and money is spent protecting its customers, technology and services. Risk management makes it possible to enhance these decisions, based on the best possible information.

About the research group

The main questions of the Lectoraat (research group) Risk Management & Cyber security are: what does effective cyber risk management look like and what people, processes and technology are needed to make cyber risk management work? This includes themes like the working and effectiveness of (a) cyber risk management governance and models, (b) cyber risk assessment methodologies, (c) cyber security control frameworks and (d) cyber controls such as vulnerability management (prevention), security monitoring (detection), cyber crisis management (response) and business continuity management (recovery).

In addition, the lectoraat also investigates the impact of cyber incidents and crises on the reputation, operation and financial stability of public and private organizations. Finally, the lectoraat also examines the role and significance of public / private partnerships in the field of cyber security and the role that governments and regulators (can) play in increasing the cyber resilience of organizations.