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Research group Inclusive Education

This research group will be dedicated to use action oriented research to help develop The Hague University of Applied Sciences (THUAS) into a learning institute where everybody feels welcome, included, and supported to reach the best of their educational potential.

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About the research group

The research group will achieve this goal through involving the larger, extended THUAS community and making inclusive education a normalized aspect of daily culture.  Research will focus on the actual processes that are required to implement sustainable change.  It will investigate the best types of support that are necessary for both students and teachers to ensure study success.  The research group believes that students are an intricate part of addressing this issue and will have a branch specifically dedicated to student research, involvement, and empowerment.  In addition, the research group will collaborate with national and international institutions to promote inclusive educational practices.

About the professor

Aminata Cairo, PhD

Aminata Cairo was born and raised in the Netherlands but pursued her entire academic career in the United States. She obtained bachelor’s degrees in physical education and psychology, a master’s degree in clinical psychology, and master’s and Ph.D. degrees in medical anthropology. She has dedicated her academic work to community engagement and giving voice to overlooked, silenced, or otherwise marginalized populations, while including students in that process. She worked as an Associate Professor of Anthropology at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville. Upon return to the Netherlands she has worked in diversity and inclusion policy at Leiden University.

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Those of us with educational privilege have the responsibility to help somebody else along.

Inclusive Education: what does it mean for our students and employees?