Centre of Expertise Global and Inclusive Learning

Research Group Inclusive Education

This research group will be dedicated to use action oriented research to help develop The Hague University of Applied Sciences (THUAS) into a learning institute where everybody feels welcome, included, and supported to reach the best of their educational potential.

About the research group

The research group will achieve this goal through involving the larger, extended THUAS community and making inclusive education a normalized aspect of daily culture.  Research will focus on the actual processes that are required to implement sustainable change.  It will investigate the best types of support that are necessary for both students and teachers to ensure study success.  The research group believes that students are an intricate part of addressing this issue and will have a branch specifically dedicated to student research, involvement, and empowerment.  In addition, the research group will collaborate with national and international institutions to promote inclusive educational practices.

Research group

The research group consists of a core group of people who are dedicated to promoting the research and knowledge production for the lectorate.  Members consist of dedicated teaching and staff members of THUAS extended community.  Each member contributes to the knowledge within the circle and pursues their own individual research or project interests.

Affiliate group

The lectorate works with affiliate members.  These are members who are working on individual projects such as Ph.D. or Master dissertations.  The affiliate branch also offers room for individual teaching or administrative staff who have ideas they would like to pursue.

Student Branch

The Student Branch (SB) is the student unit of the Lectorate of Inclusive Education. The SB is run by junior researchers and student staff who are members of either the Lectorates of Inclusive Education or Global Citizenship. The vision for this unit is that students can and should play a significant role in creating an inclusive learning environment and should contribute to the concept of global citizenship.  Through the SB students are invited to participate in student driven and oriented initiatives, ranging from research and empowerment activities to supporting fellow students in the pursuit of their education. The SB has four main themes of operation: promotion of an inclusive learning environment; student support activities; student empowerment, and student research.

More information: www.inclusiveeducationhhs.com

About the professor

Naomi van Stapele

From 1 January 2021, Naomi van Stapele has started as new Inclusive Education professor The Hague University of Applied Sciences. Naomi worked as a Diversity & Inclusion Chair and Assistant Professor of Urban Governance and Development Policy at the International Institute of Social Studies (ISS / EUR). Naomi has a clear vision of inclusive education and a vivid picture of how this can be further shaped within THUAS. She has demonstrable affinity with our city and our divers intitution. With a cum laude for her PhD research, her contribution to the many national and international scientific cooperation projects in the field of inclusive education and her extensive experience in practice-oriented research and teh supervising of PhD students, Naomi is a worthy successor for former lecturer Aminata Cairo.


Inclusivity pathway training

Inclusivity pathway training

The Inclusivity Pathway Training (IPT) is a training specifically designed to assist people in the development and strengthening of their abilities to facilitate inclusive learning and working environments. Diversity and inclusion remain constant stumbling blocks in our (educational) institutions. In spite of the many interventions, our academic world has not been able to manage diversity and inclusion effectively. Teaching staff, but also regular staff remain actively in search of concrete useable tools.
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