Research Group Family Care

The Family Care research group conducts research, shares knowledge and innovates education based on a relational perspective. The research group uses the metaphor ‘Care Justitia’, an innovative scale with three scales instead of the customary two. The three scales symbolise care recipients, family caregivers and professional caregivers. They encounter one another in the workplace and do their best to balance the care to be provided. The Family Care research group aims to contribute to well-balanced care that facilitates meaningful relationships.

About the research group

The research group focuses on such questions as: What happens to a family if one of its members becomes seriously ill? How do care recipients, family caregivers and professionals use the possibilities of technology? What role does the nurse play in palliative care in intensive care units?

The research group was created at the initiative of the Municipality of The Hague and twelve care organisations. Their ‘Mantelzorgakkoord’ (Family Care Agreement) is unique in the Netherlands and offers possibilities to link research, policy and practice.