Centre of Expertise Cyber Security

Research Group Cyber Security and Safety

In a society that is becoming increasingly digital, cyber risks and digital threats are increasing at the same pace. All of us leave digital traces wherever we go, including online. Organisations also run serious risks. If their information flows are disrupted, the consequences can be devastating. Cyber incidents can cause irreparable damage. In the Netherlands alone, this damage has a price tag of over 1 billion euro's a year.

About the research group

The Cyber Security & Safety research group (CSS) conducts research into cyber security & safety and develops education in this field. The emphasis is on expanding existing scientific and other knowledge and enabling it to be applied in practice, with sufficient attention to the wide scope of the topic of cyber security & safety, as well as its multidisciplinary character.

Centre of Expertise for Cyber Security

Since November 2015, The Hague University of Applied Sciences has had its own Centre of Expertise for Cyber Security. The Cyber Security & Safety research group works within this expertise centre together with other knowledge institutions, companies and government agencies on innovation in cyber security.

About the professor

dr. Marcel Spruit

Marcel Spruit boasts many years of experience in information and cyber security. He is responsible for research into cyber security and the development of education in this field and is personally and intensely involved in both the research and education development. Marcel is affiliated with the PBLQ consultancy firm as a senior consultant, where he provides advice on organisational aspects, especially the topics of information and cyber security. He also carries out audits, second opinions and security studies. Prior to his appointment as head of the research group, Marcel worked on quality assurance at Fokker Space and as a senior lecturer for the Information Systems department at the Delft University of Technology, where he specialised in information security, human failure and the organisation of security.

Cyber security is mainly about people.