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About the Designerly Innovation research group

Our society is currently undergoing a number of fundamental transitions. Major social trends, like the growing population, societal aging and emergence of the knowledge society, not only result in technological developments, but prompt a reconsideration of social and economic values. We need to organise ourselves and our society in a different manner. More collaboration in networks and ecosystems and assuming responsibility for ourselves and each other leads to a reorganisation of our society as a whole.

The need for knowledge and innovation and, above all, the practical applicability of this knowledge and information is increasing. The research group develops and offers expertise and concrete tools that integrate research, designs and testing based on an approach to innovation in the area of new products and services driven by a designerly way of thinking & doing. Together with the government, organisations and companies, solutions are developed that make our society more future-proof.

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Projects and publications

Images of Design Thinking: framing the design thinking practices of innovators

Images of Design Thinking, written by innovators for innovators, is the first book to describe how a designerly approach is used in the field of innovation. Thirty seasoned innovators share their thoughts and experiences on how they apply design in their daily practice. Their stories show that there are multiple views on, or images of, design thinking in innovation: value-driven innovation, experience-driven innovation, purpose-driven innovation and vision-driven innovation.
© 2016 Rianne Valkenburg, Janneke Sluijs, Maaike Kleinsmann / Boom Uitgevers Amsterdam
ISBN 978 90 587 5602 2

Future Telling

The fundamental changes our society is currently undergoing require a new way to depict the future, with all its new opportunities and challenges, an approach that is creative, imaginative and research-oriented. Within the research group, we develop such a vision for the future, not to predict it, but to create context-related, possible future scenarios as ‘food for thought’ for the essential strategic debate. The research group develops and tests methods, such as the Future Telling cards, that enable people - entrepreneurs, students, lecturers, policymakers - to imagine the future, make decisions and develop activities that in turn enable them to acquire a sustainable position in the future.

© 2014 Rianne Valkenburg, Hanna de Bruin
Published by The Hague University of Applied Sciences and available in Dutch in English.

The Future of Retail

The Future of Retail living lab under development is a partnership in which various degree programmes, including Retail Management, Small Business, Marketing and IDE/Open Innovator, work together with the Designerly Innovation research group on inspiring and innovative insights and concepts for a future-proof retail sector. The Megastores location is a ‘research & development lab’ where new shop strategies and concepts are developed, implemented and tested in a realistic environment and with real users. The good concepts are then shared (through meetings, exhibitions, etc.) and further developed for and at other locations, such as shopping areas in The Hague or other living labs.

Dare to live, dare to dream. Dare to learn and be curious about where life takes you.

Head of the research group Rianne Valkenburg

Rianne Valkenburg, head of the research group (2013-present)

Innovation is my way of life: I explore new worlds and initiate unexpected encounters in order to be constantly surprised. My professional life in innovation has evolved along two tracks. Firstly, I always balance on the crossroads of (scientific and applied) research and business practice. Secondly, I always seek to be where innovation itself is changing. In recent years, I’ve focused on innovations that can make a change using (design) expertise to tackle the wicked challenges of society.

Currently, I work as a (part-time) professor of Designerly Innovation at The Hague University of Applied Sciences, where my research team focuses on spurring innovation by means of a designerly way of thinking and doing. I also co-founded LightHouse /expertise in smart lighting & smart cities @ TU/e. At LightHouse, I initiate and facilitate knowledge-intensive projects to enable municipalities and organisations to apply smart city solutions and make the most of the contemporary disruptive technological possibilities.
I hold a Master’s degree in Industrial Design Engineering from Delft University of Technology (1992) and a PhD on the reflective practice of product design teams (2000).

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Rianne Valkenburg | LinkedIn
+31 (0)6 - 51985990

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