Citizenship and Diversity

About the Citizenship & Diversity research group

The population in Western countries increasingly reflects the ethnic and religious diversity of the global population as a whole. Instead of a grouping of cultural communities living together or alongside one another, we see that it has become easier for individuals, aided by social media, to come into contact with those beyond the borders of their ‘own’ community. The challenge is to ensure that this superdiversity enables each individual to develop as best as possible, regardless of ethnic background, belief, gender or sexual orientation, and without losing sight of the importance of a sense of belonging.

The Citizenship & Diversity research group focuses on ways in which we can achieve a good balance in a liberal democratic society between recognising the equality and freedom of each individual citizen on the one hand and respect for differences among groups on the other.

Baukje Prins, head of research group (2009-present)

Baukje Prins studied Dutch Language & Literature and Philosophy at the University of Groningen. She then spent several years working as a Dutch teacher in secondary schools. In 1997, Baukje earned her PhD from Utrecht University with a thesis on feminist knowledge theory and Dutch discourse on minorities, after which she became a social and political philosophy lecturer at the universities of Maastricht and Groningen.


For more information on the project and questions, please contact:
Ms A.M.B. (Margot) Sol, project leader and researcher with H/Doet: students in action.
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