The Betafactory

The Betafactory is an important knowledge and innovation platform that operates within the Faculty of Technology, Innovation & Society at The Hague University of Technology and serves as a networking organisation. We coordinate the supply of technological competencies and the need for them that arises from the business community, government authorities and educational institutions; ultimately, this will result in innovation and enterprise. You should also know that the Betafactory is the hot spot for applied research for this faculty’s 14 degree programmes that are located on 2 THUAS campuses (The Hague and Delft).


A networking university of applied sciences

One of the aims of THUAS is to be a networking university of applied sciences; the Betafactory organises various activities for this purpose. A few examples:

  • The Betafactory Award: the student team that submits the best version of the project wins the award. How do you win? In any case, by scoring well on these criteria:
    - Quality (depending on the students’ academic year)
    - Degree of innovation
    - Effort
    - Research
    - Application
  • Hackatons: Ever want to get together and get hacking for 24 hours straight? Well, you can. During this 24-hour hackathon, students in the Faculty of Technology, Innovation & Society devise innovative solutions for problems faced by a certain sector like healthcare. Besides the assistance provided by coaches from the realms of education and business, the hackathon also features various workshops. A jury then assesses the final result as based on factors like its feasibility and degree of innovation, as well as the methods used by the team.
  • Conferences and symposia: every year, all the stakeholders are invited to work together on formulating R&D proposals for the future. The objective? To guide the developments that research, education, business and students will be working on in coming years and, when possible, to cement this collaboration further.
  • During the project fair, companies and lecturers can search for opportunities for collaboration and discuss how the case studies from industry match the education in the short term.


The purpose of the Betafactory is to promote a circulation of expertise between the Faculty of Technology, Innovation & Society, the business community, and government authorities. This circulation of expertise comes about by intensive collaboration with research groups and degree programmes. Working together on research with the business community on projects that will be to its benefit is an effort that develops and applies expertise related to products, systems and prototypes. Our participation in the HighTechCentreDelft also involves collaboration with the technological education chain. Not just the engineering and technology universities but also senior secondary vocational education and lower secondary school education work together in the HighTechCentreDelft.

Research Areas

Within the Betafactory, we have what we call ‘Research Areas’. These Research Areas are further developed, applied and verified by the Betafactory with our research groups.

  • Smart Sensor Systems
  • Urban Symbiosis
  • A Circular Economy
  • A Designerly approach
  • Process Optimisation
  • Smart (functional) Materials
  • Photonics
  • Smart Manufacturing & Robotics
  • Lightweight Constructions
  • The Built Environment & Energy

Centre of expertice cyber securityBetafactory 16

Within walking distance of the THUAS campus at Delft is Betafactory 16. This workspace is a built environment covering 1200 m₂ intended for the educational Learning Labs projects. These Learning Labs are classified according to their topics:

  • Technology & Health
  • Sustainable Mobility
  • The Built Environment & Energy
  • Green Technology
  • Oil & Gas / Offshore


Any technology students (including students taking the international Living Labs Minor) can use this space and its various machinery and materials to work on projects and design prototypes. Entrepreneurs can also start up their business here and use it to develop creative ideas.


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