Centre of Expertise Global and Inclusive Learning

The TransAct model, lifelong learning in the installation industry

The installation industry is in a constant state of flux. Therefore, lifelong learning is very relevant to professionals in this industry. But how do you shape this? In the project TransAct we research and develop digital tools that can support professionals in co-creation, network learning and collaborative learning. The Sustainable Talent Development research group participates in this NWO-funded project. The faculty of Technology, Innovation and Society (TIS) and the research group Energy in Transition of The Hague University of Applied Sciences are happy to cooperate in this research.

Integration into learning communities

The digital tools developed will be integrated into Learning Communities in the installation industry, stimulating a powerful connection between learning, working and innovation. TransAct focuses on formal and informal learning in Learning Communities to (1) stimulate employees to develop new knowledge and skills to function in a changing work situation (reactive learning), and to (2) support employees to initiate innovations together for a sustainable world (proactive learning). The TransAct project also involves training (conditional learning).