Centre of Expertise Mission Zero

The DC Lab

The place where education and research come together. In the DC-Lab, students and researchers collaborate with each other on various technical challenges in Direct Current. In the DC-Lab, research issues are offered as subprojects to students doing an internship or graduation internship in the DC-Lab. This is done in cooperation with industrial partners.

Companies often do not have the necessary knowledge to solve their direct voltage problem and would like to be able to do tests in a safe environment. The DC Lab offers an innovative place where the latest techniques can be tested and where students can support each other when necessary. Check out http://dc-lab.org/ for the latest publications/events and current research.

Power Electronics

All techniques used in DC power grids contain a piece of power electronics that can regulate energy. Various printed circuit boards (PCB) are designed to raise or lower voltages to a certain level. In other applications, it is again desirable to turn DC voltage back into AC voltage. All these concepts are worked out on a printed circuit board and then undergo an endurance test to determine the weak spots in the designs. In each case, this provides insights that can be used for improvement such as the PCBs designed in the DC Lab.


Would you like to know more or do you have a topic that requires research? Then contact our DC research group, part of the research group Energy in Transition of The Hague University of Applied Sciences.



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