Centre of Expertise Global and Inclusive Learning

Teaching using the concept of playing field

Teaching with the concept of the playing field is a training program for teachers developed by Fatima El Bouk. The training offers direct tools to help teaching staff create a positive learning environment in the classroom through building a bridge between school, culture and the lived experience of students. 

The training is a combination of the Inclusivity Pathway Training and skills developed by El Bouk resulting from her research with Lovert-Reindersma, Van der Staaij-Los & Prins, (2017) in the lectorate of Citizenship and Diversity. Bouk uses the concept of home, school, and youth culture to engage teaching staff in how best to navigate these three interlocking worlds. She includes the context of culture as an important element of their skills. The IPT additionally helps people to address their personal behavioral patterns and emotional reactions that can interfere in executing their strategies.