Smart Teddy Project

Senior citizens are a vulnerable group of people that face increasing challenges when living by themselves. As the condition of the senior citizen declines, their quality of life (QoL) often decrease as well. Eventually, a professional caregiver will advise the family to admit the senior to a care home either because of a dangerous incident that threatened their wellbeing or because of their low QoL level
The Smart Teddy is a therapeutic companion with a very basic functionality. He can bark and move his tail if someone interacts with him. He is soft and cuddly to invite people to grab and hug him. Seniors Kan keep the Smart Teddy as a long term companion.

The goal

Like a real pet, the Smart Teddy observes the senior citizen using his sensors. He has a small brain that allows him to understand what the senior does during the day and estimate how much the senior citizen is enjoying his/her time. Teddy can also check whether the senior is having enough sleep and how often they wake up during the night. From all this information, Teddy tries to make an educated guess about the QoL of the senior, and inform their family or caregivers about their condition. Teddy’s sensors also allow him to detect potential dangers like smoke, loud noises, cries for help, ...etc. If teddy thinks that the senior requires urgent assistance, then he can immediately inform someone so they can come and help.