Centre of Expertise Global and Inclusive Learning

Project for Undocumented students

There is a group of young people that experiences a revers life course. Whereas most young people work and grow towards independence, for these young people the exact opposite takes place. Most young children receive guidance during their younger years and gradually work towards more freedom. This group of young people received acknowledgement and support as a child, but the instant they turned 18 they lost all support and acknowledgement and became non-citizens. These are the ‘ondocumented’.

The lectorate along with others wants to make a difference for these people. Starting from the lectorate’s principle that “all stories have value” and the Human Rights commitment to preserver dignity for humanlife, the lectorate aims to contribute to educational access for this population. The lectorate particularly (but not solely) wants to commit to support young people who have been in the Netherlands since they were children and partook of its education to gain access to education. Through private sponsorship young people will be able to attend higher education and will receive a certificate of participation.

Led by lectorate member Ruben Boers several individuals, organizations and groups have expressed interest in contributing to this project. Some of which include: Susanna Menendez, Rene van Schoonhoven (educational law), Foundation Academy Amsterdam, Anne Frank Stichting, ROC Mondriaan, Universiteit Leiden, Hogeschool Gent.