Centre of Expertise Cyber Security

Pitch your cybersecurity project and win up to 5,000 euros to realize it!

28 June 2022 – Innovation Playground, THUAS

Do you have an original, creative and innovative idea in the field of cybersecurity? Pitch your idea and you may win 1,000 euros, 3,000 euros or even 5,000 euros to realize your plans! 

In a short pitch you’ll explain the idea you have. Your project is aimed at increasing cyber security. This could be an innovative technical solution, or a solution to promote safe online behavior. Indicate who ultimately benefits from this: maybe your fellow students, but if your idea is of added value for companies and organizations outside THUAS, that's also great!

Who can participate? 

The contest is open to all THUAS students, registration can be done individually or as a group.  Specific ICT-knowledge is not required, but an interest in cybersecurity and/or online behaviors is useful. 

How to register?

To participate in this contest, please send a factsheet (1 page) to cybersecurity@hhs.nl  by 1st June 2022, covering the most important aspects of your idea: 

  • Why does this idea lead to better cybersecurity?
  • Who benefits from this?  What is the target group?
  • What activities are you going to spend the money on?
  • Who will carry out this project?
  • When and where?

From the submitted ideas, a maximum of 8 participants will be invited to the pitch event in the afternoon of the 28th June 2022.

How are the ideas assessed? 

At the event you will be asked to pitch your idea in 5 minutes. A jury will ask questions for clarification where necessary. The jury consists of researchers from the Centre of Expertise Cyber Security  and experts from the field.

What is in it for you / your team?

The most promising projects receive a money prize: 

  • 1st prize: 5000,- euro
  • 2nd prize: 3000,- euro
  • 3rd prize: 1000,- euro


  • The prize money can only be used for material investments in the project, e.g. equipment, communication material or other matters.
  • These items have to be purchased in the calendar year 2022 through THUAS’s purchasing procedures, under the responsibility of the Centre of Expertise Cyber Security.
  • The budget cannot be spent on hiring staff.
  • No later than 1 year after the start of the project, the project results are presented via an article, blog, or video. 

For any questions, please contact Dr Ligaya Butalid via cybersecurity@hhs.nl