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Social and technological innovations for a vital and resilient environment

We are seeing a growing focus on providing care closer to home, taking ownership, small-scale care and flexible networks. Technology is a mainstay in our transition to a more sustainable positive health and even creates more opportunities. The Health Innovation Centre of Expertise uses technological innovations to promote health and create the conditions for a healthy life cycle.

The Health Innovation Centre of Expertise engages the residents in the metropolitan region of Rotterdam The Hague (MRDH) in resolving health issues that will affect them in life and wants people to experience an improved positive health. This includes preserving vitality, rehabilitating functions, supporting people in their daily activities and participating in social life. We connect the knowledge and expertise from research, education and practice and invest especially in a ‘Healthy Lifestyle’, ‘Care and Rehabilitation’ and a ‘Healthy environment’.

As a Centre of Expertise we believe there is added value in addressing complex health issues from multiple perspectives. Several Health Innovation research groups are working together with government and private partners in the labs at THUAS to resolve practice-based cases. How about the fitness centre or hospital room of the future, or the use of robots? We tell a more comprehensive and complete story about Health Innovation and our work is instantly recognisable and identifiable to the outside world. 

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Home rehabilitation for the elderly (Medical Delta Living Lab Geriatric Rehabilitation@home)

Home rehabilitation for the elderly (Medical Delta Living Lab Geriatric Rehabilitation@home)

For many elderly people, rehabilitation at home is easier than following a rehabilitation programme at a healthcare facility. It prevents the patient from being dependent on others to get to the rehabilitation facility. Also, the patient does not have to wait until the scheduled appointment to work on their recovery. Various e-health applications can support this. But how do they best meet the needs of patients, treatment providers and family carers? Which applications work well for whom? And when? The Rehabilitation and Technology Research Group is conducting research to find answers to these questions.
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Blogs of a researcher

Conducting the research. Most students find it ‘boring. And difficult’. In this monthly blog I will share with you my experiences as a researcher. What challenges I encounter and how I resolve these issues. I will show you that res...

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