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Empowering learners to create sustainable futures

Centre of Expertise Mission Zero has a clear mission: to create an economy entirely fuelled by sustainable energy and renewable resources and materials. Or rather: to stop using new resources and unsustainable energy. Finding these solutions requires multidisciplinary research. That will mean a holistic approach involving the technological, economic, social and administrative realm.

As a driver of sustainable entrepreneurship and living, we conduct practice oriented research. Professors, lecturer-researchers and students tackle current issues. Issues such as ensuring liveable cities by eliminating CO2-emissions and creating opportunities for using waste. Together with our external partners we develop applicable and useful knowledge and tools for the future.

The Centre of Expertise combines the expertise of four research groups: Energy in Transition, Circular Business, Urban Metabolism and Innovation Networks. We look for the common grounds between these fields and make a difference together. This results in a different way of operating. We discover new values, change our perspective of the world and address current issues with today’s knowledge and technology. Focusing on our planet is an inherent part of that. 

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The Dutch municipality of Horst on the Maas and ProRail are keen to stimulate the generation of renewable energy. As partners in NEWRAIL (Noise Energy Wall Rail America in Limburg), they are testing innovations that will deliver high energy yields. This research involves mounting solar panels on both new and existing sound barrier walls. Mounting solar panels on sound barriers is a new and ground-breaking idea. That’s why more research is needed to find the best method of installation. The innovative project NEWRAIL (Noise Energy Wall Rail America in Limburg) is an initiative of ProRail in collaboration with the municipality of Horst aan de Maas, TNO (Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research), energy cooperative Reindonk Energie, and The Hague University of Applied Sciences.
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Inaugural Address Professor Kim Poldner

Last Thursday, 18th of June, Kim Poldner, Professor Circular Business, shared her inaugural Address by premiering her vision through Youtube. This was a more sustainable event then we could have ever imagined, because no one had to travel and there was no foodwaste due to arranging catering. The online premiere took about 20 minutes after which there was time to ask questions or post comments in the live chat. She will select the ones that trigger her most as starting point for developing a range of podcasts together with her team.  Watch the Inaugural adress on YouTube.

Kim also created a simplification of this vision, a playfull fable, here you will find this playfull fable The Bear and the Phoenix.

If you're interested in reading the full story including contributions from the researchers involved in the Professorship, please download the publication: Entrepreneuring a regenerative society (pdf).

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Student/Research Assistant Centre of Expertise Mission Zero (MZ)
For MZ we are looking for a motivated, creative and research-oriented student assistant who can start from September 1. We are looking for someone for 10 hours a week for the entire academic year 2020-2021. In principle, your working times are flexible and usually distance based.  You can respond till Friday the 26th of June.

Job Opportunity

Coordinator for the Centre of Expertise Mission ZeroMore information can be found on the website.
You can react until Sunday 5 July 2020.