Centre of Expertise Mission Zero

An economy entirely fuelled by sustainable energy
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Centre of Expertise Mission Zero has a clear mission: to create an economy entirely fuelled by sustainable energy and renewable resources and materials. Or rather: to stop using new resources and unsustainable energy. Finding these solutions requires multidisciplinary research. That will mean a holistic approach involving the technological, economic, social and administrative realm.

As a driver of sustainable entrepreneurship and living, we conduct practice oriented research. Professors, lecturer-researchers and students tackle current issues. Issues such as ensuring liveable cities by eliminating CO2-emissions and creating opportunities for using waste. Together with our external partners we develop applicable and useful knowledge and tools for the future.

The Centre of Expertise combines the expertise of four research groups: Energy in Transition, Circular Business, Urban Metabolism and Innovation Networks. We look for the common grounds between these fields and make a difference together. This results in a different way of operating. We discover new values, change our perspective of the world and address current issues with today’s knowledge and technology. Focusing on our planet is an inherent part of that.