Centre of Expertise Governance of Urban Transitions

Urban development and governance of the city in the 21st century

The world is rapidly urbanising. At the same time, the relationship between citizens and city management is changing. How do we deal with diversity and inequality and ensure social mobility, security, participation opportunities and sufficient housing? Together with urban parties, the Centre of Expertise for Governance of Urban Transitions conducts practice-oriented research based on social issues and new forms of governance that reflect the transitions the city is facing.

These issues require an interdisciplinary approach. The Centre of Expertise combines expertise on social issues in The Hague area with new forms of governance, technology and design. These themes constantly interact with each other. For example, governance is always connected to social issues, and technology is often part of the solution. The studies carried out by the Centre of Expertise contribute to an inclusive city; a city that offers opportunities for all and is convenient for everyone to reside and live in.

In the Centre of Expertise, we work in and with professional practice, such as learning networks or urban labs. Citizens, students, lecturers, researchers, civil servants, social professionals and/or entrepreneurs work together to achieve an inclusive city. 

As a Centre of Expertise, we conduct practice-oriented research and thus provide a direct contribution to education, professional practice and society.

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Towards Responsible Rebellion: Governance and participation in collective housing for older adults

Towards Responsible Rebellion: Governance and participation in collective housing for older adults

As of 1 May 2019, this project has started that was funded by the Taskforce for Applied Research SIA. This project is a collaboration between the research groups Urban Ageing and Metropolitan Developments of The Hague University of Applied Sciences, and therefore also between two Centres of Expertise. The project will run until May 2022.
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