Centre of Expertise Global Governance

New actors and new solutions for global governance challenges
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The Centre of Expertise for Global Governance aims to find out what is exactly happening within and between governing bodies and the actors that take part in them. We look at the interplay of new and traditional actors within the ‘grey zones’ of operation between international, national, regional, local and non-territorial players.

The age of globalization has left us with a world marked by increasing political complexity and cross-border issues. Governance structures on all levels are transforming. New actors have joined the stage and change traditional routines, creating new opportunities and challenges for participation and cooperation. New solutions are being developed to tackle new, contemporary demands.

Our centre combines three research groups at The Hague University of Applied Sciences: The Changing role of Europe (CRoEU), UN studies in Peace and Justice (UNPJ) and Multilevel Regulation (MLR). Each from its own perspective, we seek to enhance the understanding of the way in which contemporary governance structures are organized, changing and, importantly, how these changes affect the general public as well as (future) professionals. Our shared perspective enables us to obtain better ‘grip’ on what is happening within and between governance structures, identifying the road ahead for regained trust in public authority.