Education and research


In addition to the value of the knowledge and expertise that we build up by means of practice-based research, research is an important way of ensuring the quality of the education. Research within the Centre of Expertise is coordinated by our professor Marcel Spruit [link naar lectoraat Cybersecurity & Safety]. Amongst other things, he leads the successful line of research ‘Cyber security and water’, which focuses on ‘process automation and awareness of cyber risks’.


The primary objective of The Hague University of Applied Sciences is to provide high-quality education. The Centre of Expertise fosters this by:

  • Carrying out large-scale research with students at SMEs, with cyber security as part of the research course in the curriculum.
    - Contributing questions from our partners, whereby our students are educated in fields where demand actually exists.
    - Creating cohesion between the curricula of related degree programmes: especially those within the domain of IT and PLS but also those outside of this.
  • Developing new degree programmes.
  • Offering initial and further training to professionals involved with cyber security.