About Centre of Expertise for Cyber Security

The building and securing of developed expertise, insights and know-how in the field of Cyber Security: that’s the mission of the new Cyber Expertise Centre of Expertise of the Hague University of Applied Sciences. We’re working together with companies and other knowledge institutions in order to carry out state-of-the-art research and education.

The Netherlands has the most competitive online market and one of the highest densities of online users in the world.

Manager Centre of Expertise of Cyber Security Stéfan Ellenbroek

Combined knowledge and expertise

THUAS is the first university of applied sciences that offers a bachelor’s degree programme with a main focus on cyber security. In addition to education, the Cyber security & safety research group carries out practice-oriented research into information security. Two new research groups will soon be added, namely: the Networks & Systems Cyber Security research group, which will be headed by Thomas Quillinan and the Cyber Security in SMEs research group (head currently unknown).

THUAS is one of the founders of the Cyber Security Academy. At the Cyber Security Academy, you can study the Executive master in Cyber Security. A second, new master’s degree programme (Professional master’s) is currently being developed.

Cyber security in the region

With ‘Good governance for a safe world’ as one of its priorities, THUAS is compatible with The Hague region, an environment where the security sector is growing and innovating rapidly. Furthermore, at THUAS we find it important to encourage ‘Access to Talent.’ We do this by collaborating within the security cluster The Hague Security Delta to provide innovative security solutions. In short, the optimal starting points for excellent education and research in the young knowledge domain of cyber security.