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The building and securing of developed expertise, insights and know-how in the field of Cyber Security: that’s the mission of the new Cyber Expertise Centre of Expertise of the Hague University of Applied Sciences. We’re working together with companies and other knowledge institutions in order to carry out state-of-the-art research and education.
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Lectoraat Cyber Security in het MKB

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Lectoraat Networks & System Engineering


The primary objective of The Hague University of Applied Sciences is to provide high-quality education. The Centre of Expertise fosters this by:

  • Carrying out large-scale research with students at SMEs, with cyber security as part of the research course in the curriculum
  • Contributing questions from our partners, whereby our students are educated in fields where demand actually exists
  • Creating cohesion between the curricula of related degree programmes: especially those within the domain of IT and PLS but also those outside of this
  • Developing new degree programmes
  • Offering initial and further training to professionals involved with cyber security.

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Approach = Collaboration

Approach = collaborationThe Centre of Expertise is open to new collaborations and is actively seeking questions and assignments that fit in with the current cyber security (related) education and research.

Ultimately, all of the Centre of Expertise’s activities aim to make a contribution so that the expertise can be anchored in the lines of education and research.

Because of the close collaboration with companies and other knowledge institutions, all the activities dovetail with social and commercial challenges.




  • Activities related to education take places on the Zoetermeer campus
  • Technical ICT research (requiring complex hardware) takes place on the campus Delft
  • Activities related to management and (physical) security aspects of cyber security take place on the main campus in The Hague

Stéfan Ellenbroek

Centre of Expertise for
Cyber Security Manager

+31 (0)70 445 7173

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Marcel Spruit

Cyber Security & Safety Professor


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Thomas Quillinan

Networks & Systems Cyber Security Professor

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Chantal Thielen

Management Assistant

+31 (0)6 868 08952

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