Centre of Expertise Cyber Security

The focus of THUAS’ Centre of Expertise Cyber Security (CoECS), created in 2015, is on helping those organisations that lack sufficient expertise to protect themselves from and become more resilient to cyber threats. The Centre has a strong (inter)national network. It conducts high quality research on various cyber security themes, involving its research groups, professors, researchers and students. The CoECS is also involved in the development of various educational programs and Master courses inside as well as outside The Hague University of Applied Sciences.


dr. Rutger Leukfeldt

Professor Cyber Security in the SME sector


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dr. Thomas Quillinan

Professor Network and Systems Engineering Cyber Security


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dr. Marcel Spruit

Professor Cyber Security & Safety


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drs. Iris Meerts

Manager Centre of Expertise Cyber Security


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dr. Susanne van ‘t Hoff – de Goede


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dr. Elif Erdemoglu Kiesow Cortez CIPP/E


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Lisa de Kok


René Visser


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  • Activities related to education take places on the Zoetermeer campus
  • Technical ICT research (requiring complex hardware) takes place on the campus Delft
  • Activities related to management and (physical) security aspects of cyber security take place on the main campus in The Hague