Our society faces various social challenges. For instance, how do we ensure that our cities remain habitable for all citizens? Or how do we create an economy that runs on sustainable resources? And how do we use technology to help people in living at home for longer?

With practice-oriented research THUAS works on solutions to these and many other issues, like digital security, inclusive education or the use of AI and data. In our research, we work along side partners from the field: companies, social organizations, education and professional practice. The results of our research are newfound knowledge, products or services: always instantly applicable and with high impact.


We co-create our research with local, regional and (inter)national partners and involve our partners at every stage of our research. Together, we look at the questions and the best approach to those questions. We also work together when sharing the results. This way, the results of our research reach society and professional practice quickly and well.

Centres of Expertise Centres of Expertise

Each Centre of Expertise is formed by a number of research groups that work together on a specific theme. They work with multi-year programming and focus on long-term collaboration with government and private partners.

Research Groups Research Groups

The research groups are affiliated with universities of applied sciences. They conduct practice oriented research about current and relevant social issues and build the connection between education, professional practice and society.

Voorbereiden Research support

Research strengthens. Research innovates. Research professionalizes. But how do you go about it? Which standards does your research have to fulfill? And how do you ensure that your research gets the attention that it deserves? We are ready to help, support and advise you during any phase of your research project.