The Hague Summer School

Location details

Location The Hague, Main Campus

Johanna Westerdijkplein 75,
2521 EN, The Hague, The Netherlands

Application Procedure

Please note we are working very hard on the Summer School for 2019, and once we are ready for applications, you can apply on this page.

Do you want us to keep you updated by email? Just fill out this form.

Before you apply:

  • Make sure you meet the entry requirements (see below)
  • Find out whether you want to join us for two or four weeks
  • Discover which elective module(s) you want to follow
  • Write an impressing motivation letter explaining your ambitions and motivation to participate
  • Fill out the registration form and upload all the needed information.
  • Make sure you do it before 1 June 2019
  • Wait for your confirmation including the payment details
  • Take care of your payment
  • Start planning your trip to The Hague Summer School!

Entry requirements

In order to  be admitted to The Hague Summer School, you have to meet the following requirements:

  • First year of a bachelor programme completed
  • Good knowledge of English (B2 or higher)
  • An application letter explaining your ambitions and motivation to participate in The Hague Summer School and the choice of your electives.
  • A complete online application


Two-week course  € 1750
Four-week course  € 3400

These fees include tuition, study materials, lunch during weekdays, fieldtrips, a social programme and accommodation. You might be eligible for a discount of € 100 per two weeks, if you are studying at one of our partner universities.

For Exchange students who are currently studying at The Hague University can stay in their current housing during the period of The Hague Summer School, we offer a fee without accommodation.
If you are a current student at The Hague University of Applied Sciences you will pay a special student fee without accommodation.

Your travel costs to and from The Hague, as well as local travel costs and other subsistence costs are not included.

Type of student
 Two week course
 Four week course
 Early bird
 € 1650  € 3200
 Regular students
 € 1750
 € 3400
 Students from partner universities
 € 1650
 € 3200
 Nominated students for summer school exchange (housing, lunch, social programme)
€ 750
€ 1500
 Alumni THUAS and The Hague Summer School
 € 1650
 € 3200
 Exchange students (accommodation not included)
 € 1250
 € 2400
 THUAS students (accommodation not included)
 € 300
 € 600


The Student Hotel provided accommodation for The Hague Summer School students in 2018.

This high-end all-inclusive student accommodation is really close to our campus. The Student Hotel offers our students modern, fully furnished rooms with large 40m² shared kitchens, private en-suite bathrooms, 1.000m² of quiet study spaces, lively social areas and most importantly, a safe environment with 24-hour security.

At The Student Hotel you will be part of a community with students from around the world. You will share large common kitchens, where you can cook and dine with your new friends. All rooms share our extensive common areas to study, play some pool, watch a movie or have a chat. You will be part of a vibrant international community of students from over 50 nationalities where there is always someone new to meet, and something interesting to take part in.

Facilities The Student Hotel

  • On-site gym (free)
  • WIFI & High speed internet
  • Reception & on-site staff
  • 24-hour security
  • Launderette
  • Study and workspaces
  • Library and lounges
  • On-site restaurant
  • A design VANMOOF bike at your disposal so you can explore the city the Dutch way (free)
  • A great lounge where you can chill, chat, play billiards, table football or a video game

Getting here

The Hague University of Applied Sciences (THUAS) is really easy to reach by public transport as it is situated just two steps away from train station The Hague Hollands Spoor (HS). Always make sure to go to The Hague HS and not to The Hague Central Station.

When you get to the Netherlands by plane, there are three possible airports to arrive at. Our main aiport is Schiphol Airport. It is really easy to reach THUAS from Schiphol by train as you can get a direct train in 30 minutes to The Hague HS.
Other possible airports are Rotterdam/ The Hague airport and Eindhoven. Rotterdam/ The Hague airport is only a 20 minute trip by car to THUAS but if you want to travel by public transport it will take you about 45 minutes with at least 1 stopover. Eindhoven airport is about 2 hours away by public transport or car.

Did you book a plane to Amsterdam Schiphol Airport and do you want to know how to get to The Hague University by public transport, take a look at this video!

Location and contact details
Location The Hague, Main Campus
Johanna Westerdijkplein 75,
2521 EN, The Hague, The Netherlands
T: + 31 70 445 8463


1. What are the requirements for The Hague Summer School?
The Hague Summer School is open to anyone who has completed a first year bachelors degree or already has a bachelors degree. You should have a good working knowledge of the English language (level B2 or higher) before you apply. One of the most important entry criteria to summer school is your ambition.  

2. How many ECTS do I get after successful completion of The Hague Summer School?

The two-week course is worth 4 ECTS. The four-week course is worth  8 ECTS.

3. Are the ECTS valid for my study programme?
On successful completion of The Hague Summer School modules you will be assigned European Credit Transfer System (ECTS) credits. Detailed programme descriptions and outlines will be provided to you to facilitate the credit transfer. You will have to check with your own study programme whether they will accepts the ECTS.  

4. What are the criteria for the motivation letter?
The motivation letter should be at least 400 words / 1 A4 and should answer to the following questions:  
Why do you want to attend The Hague Summer School? What is your motivation for your elective(s)?
What is your ambition for the future? How do you want to change your world?

5. Do I receive a proof of participation?
After you have successfully completed The Hague Summer School you will, in addition to the ECTS, receive a certificate from The Hague University of Applied Sciences outlining the course, the period, and the number of credits.

6. Is there any IELTS/TOEFL score requirement?
There is no requirement for IELTS / TOEFL score but If English is not your first language, you should have a good working knowledge of the English language (level B2 or higher) before you apply.

7. Does The Hague Summer School has an official accreditation?  
The programme is accredited with the NVAO (the accreditation system of The Netherlands and Belgium) as part of the BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration) programme of International Business. This is a recognised international bachelor. The report can be found on the website of the NVAO.

8. Are there any scholarships or grants for The Hague Summer School?
No we don’t have a scholarship. If the university you are currently enrolled at is a partner university, you may be entitled to a reduced fee. Just send an e-mail to to find out whether your university is a partner.  

9. My passport has expired and I’m in the process of renewing, can I apply to The Hague Summer School?  

Yes you can apply with your current passport details. Once your new passport has been issued, we kindly request you to provide us your new passport details as soon as possible, before travelling to the Netherlands.

10. I have to upload a proof of enrollment of my university for the application. I am already graduated, what do I have to upload?

You can upload your diploma.  

11. How can I contact you?
The Hague University of Applied Sciences, Main Campus
Johanna Westerdijkplein 75,
2521 EN, The Hague, The Netherlands
T: +31 70 762 1000

12. Where can I find the terms & conditions for The Hague Summer School?
You can find them here.

13. I need a visa in order to participate in The Hague Summer School. Can you assist me during the process of acquiring one?
It is your responsibility to obtain a visa. However, The Hague Summer School will send you an invitation letter upon request that will serve as a supporting document that outlines your reasons and duration of stay in The Netherlands.

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