The Hague Summer School

The Hague Summer School is a modular course made up of general and elective modules. You can choose to study for a two week or four week period. The two-week summer course consists of a general module and an elective module of your choice. The four week summer course combines the two-courses and consists of two general modules and two elective modules. Each elective includes at least three organisational visits.

Annual umbrella themes

Each year, we focus on an umbrella theme that looks towards solving a ‘Wicked Problem.’ Students work on projects around a selected theme in both our general modules as well as the elective modules. Last summer, the umbrella theme was ‘water’.

Social programme

As new friendships are a foundation for new and fruitful cooperation in the future, The Hague Summer School is not just about studying. We know that you are also here to make meet people and have fun! During the evenings and on the weekends we offer an extensive social and cultural programme. Activities like the ‘Urban Bike Ride’, ‘Game Night’, ‘Treasure Hunts’ and off course ‘Dutch Nights’ are organized.

You will feel at home straightaway in The Hague. The city has all the benefits of a big city - the museums, restaurants and transport links - but also has a welcoming village feel. The Hague itself has many cultural highlights, including Mauritshuis, the Municipal Museum and the Peace Palace. The city boasts excellent theatres and music venues and is reputed to be Holland’s top pop city, hosting Parkpop, Europe’s largest free festival in June.

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