The Hague Summer School

The Hague Summer School is a modular course made up of general and elective modules. You can choose to study for a two-week or four- week period. The two-week summer course consists of a general module and an elective module of your choice. The four-week summer course consists of two general modules and two elective modules. Each elective includes at least three visits to international organisations in and around The Hague like for example the Peace Palace, the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons or the International Criminal Court.

Global Goals for Sustainable Development

In September 2015, 193 world leaders agreed to 17 Global Goals for Sustainable Development. A set of goals for the world that aim to make our planet fair, healthy and sustainable by 2030. All courses in The Hague Summer School are linked to the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals. The Hague Summer School always focuses on wicked problems.  As a student you can choose different modules varying from Entrepreneurship to Human Rights and from Health, Well-Being and Culture to Sustainable Cities.

Sustainable Development Goals

General Module: Global Trends

Consumers and organisations are increasingly interlinked in our globalised world. This general module will have you and your fellow students focus on current trends and help shape future global trends for business and public sectors that are connected to the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals. Read more.

Start on 2 and 16 July 2018

Elective modules week 1-2
 Elective modules week 3-4
Entrepreneurship and Financing in a Changing Society
You will be strengthening your business and entrepreneurial skills by following this elective. You will have the opportunity to closely examine the most recent types of enterprises, their business models and strategies. Read more.

  Human Rights, Security & Development
Countries around the world are facing various security challenges, such as, border disputes and energy security. Join this elective and have a closer look at how disputes between states are being resolved. Read more.

Sustainable Cities (2nd week in Barcelona)
The rapid urban development has various consequences, among which, is pollution.
Establishing and maintaining the sustainability of cities is of great importance.
Join this elective and develop your critical thinking skills, detect problems and find solutions with regard to the innovation of urban systems. Read more.

  Leadership and Sustainable Innovation
This elective is designed to support you in finding your personal leadership direction by focusing on societal issues as the center from which ideas are created. The course combines theory and reflection with hands-on projects for real life assignment providers. Read more.

Health, Well-Being and Culture
What is the role of culture in how we experience and practice our well-being in the world? You  will explore different experiences and interpretations of health and well-being while learning about different cultural context. Read more.

  Health, Well-Being and Culture
What is the role of culture in how we experience and practice our well-being in the world? You  will explore different experiences and interpretations of health and well-being while learning about different cultural context. Read more.

Summer School in Morocco

Course on Sustainable Entrepreneurship in Morocco

Do you want to personally witness how one of the largest economies on the African continent plans to become more sustainable in the upcoming years? For this module, we will take you directly to Rabat, Morocco!

Join us and explore the business culture, challenges and opportunities, and the sustainability goals of Morocco. Besides attending classes you will also have the chance to explore the local culture and the beautiful places in Rabat.

This two weeks course will take place from July 2, 2018 until July 13, 2018 at The Netherlands Institute Morocco, situated in Rabat, Morocco.
Read more.

Teaching methods

The Hague University is a university of applied sciences. This means we employ a problem-solving approach, just like the professional world, with exercises that nurture personal and leadership skills, like games, debates and group work. You will experience an open-minded and interactive learning environment where it is important to have and debate about opinions.  Our guest lecturers come from different private and public fields in The Hague and The Netherlands.

Becoming a world citizen is only possible if we work  together, evolve and change ourselves. If we take a critical look at our present and future situation, we will see that we need new perspectives and solutions. We will find them more quickly if we constantly share and learn to apply one another’s insights, skills and methods.

Social programme

New friendships are a foundation for new and fruitful cooperation in the future, The Hague Summer School is not just about studying. You are also here to discover the city of The Hague and have fun. All students are paired with ‘ buddies’ (students) from THUAS. During the evenings and on the weekends students of the Summer School can attend an extensive social and cultural programme.

Reasons to apply

  1. The summer course is held in The Hague, the United Nations City of Peace, Justice and Security, packed with 131 international institutions, 80 justice organisations, 300 international businesses and numerous NGOs.
  2. You will gain an all-round ‘international classroom’ experience with fellow students, lecturers and   professionals from different cultural backgrounds.
  3. You will prepare yourself for a future career in a multi-national organisation, enrich your personal growth and develop your talents through teamwork, debate and sharing knowledge.
  4. You will make new friends for life from all over the world.

THUAS Campus life

THUAS is a mini United Nations with a blend of around 150 nationalities on campus. You’ll get access to our state-of-the-art facilities, like our library and onsite cafés and free Wi-Fi. You’ll get the chance to make new friends and feel part of our diverse international community.

About The Hague

THUAS is located right in the heart of The Hague, so you will get an all-round cultural experience, from galleries packed with Dutch masters to idyllic beaches and parks and buzzing nightclubs. The Hague is known as the International City of Peace, Justice and Security and is bursting with international legal institutions. Since 1913, the Peace Palace has been a centre of world justice, hosting the permanent Court of Arbitrations and the International Court of Justice. You’ll also find the International Yugoslavia Tribunal, Europol and the International Criminal Court in The Hague, along with many other courts, tribunals and NGOs. You will feel at home straightaway in The Hague. The city has all the benefits of a big city – the museums, restaurants and transport links – with a welcoming village feel. The Hague itself has many cultural highlights, including Mauritshuis and the Municipal Museum. The city also boasts excellent theatres and music venues.

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Do you want to be part of the The Hague Summer School experience and enjoy a great and meaningful summer? Apply before 15 May!