The Hague Summer School


First edition: The Future of Business and Social Challenges (4-15th of July)

Limited spaces available!

The theme of the first edition of the summer school is the Future of Business and Social Challenges. All students will follow a general module together in the morning and select an elective module of their choice in the afternoon. For students this first edition of the summer school is all about gaining intercultural competences, while working in multi-disciplinary teams and exploring a course of their choice.

Course overview 

Here you can find the descriptions of the modules on offer during the first edition of The Hague Summer School 2022. All participants follow the General Module (1 ECTS) and choose one elective (3 ECTS): 

General module: Exchange Perspectives for Local Impact in Collaboration (EXPLICO)

Elective 1: The Future of the Money

Elective 2: Blockchain Technology: An Introduction

Elective 3: The Benefits of Business-NGO Collaboration

Elective 4: Sustainable Entrepreneurial Thinking

Elective 5: The Local Impact of Global Migration 

The Hague Summer School aims to run the following modules with at least 8 students per module, and a max of 22 students per module. We reserve the right to cancel certain modules due to lack of interest. You will be informed of any changes to your preferred elective as soon as possible after registration closes.

Second edition: Peace & Justice (18-29th of July)

Limited spaces available!

The second edition of the summer school focuses on Peace and Justice. The title reflects the status of the City of The Hague as the Legal Capital of the World. More particularly the focus will be on the contribution paid by European Union (EU) cooperation to peace and stability on the European continent. The first week focuses on the general principles of Peace and Justice and the role of the European Union; the second week zooms in on four specific challenges that the EU faces.

Themes to be discussed are:  

  • Peace and Security on the European continent
  • Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms 
  • European Union cooperation: objectives and principles, achievements and shortcomings
  • Democracy, judicial protection and external challenges
  • Climate change 
  • Geopolitical developments and Defence 
  • Migration  

Next to the lectures and debates., excursions will be organised, inter alia to international organizations having their seat in The Hague, such as the International Court of Justice, the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Peace Palace.

For a more detailed description of the second edition of the summer school, please see this document.

Rotary Scholarship

The aim of the Peace and Justice programme is to discuss with young people the vital interest of peace and security in the world and, in close connection therewith, the need for reconciliation and cooperation. More particularly the focus will be on the contribution paid by European Union cooperation to peace and stability on the European continent.

By offering Rotary Scholarships, Rotary in the Netherlands propagates the organization’s mission: ‘Together, we see a world where people unite and take action to create lasting change — across the globe, in our communities, and in ourselves’*. 

For these reasons, Rotary is offering scholarships for the Peace & Justice programme of The Hague Summer School 2022 of € 300,- for a maximum of 20 students who meet the application criteria. 

For more information about the Rotary Scholarship Programme, click here.

To apply for the Rotary Scholarship Programme, please click here!

Teaching methods

The Hague University is a university of applied sciences. This means we employ a problem-solving approach, just like the professional world, with exercises that nurture personal and leadership skills, like games, debates and group work. You will experience an open-minded and interactive learning environment where it is important to have and debate about opinions.  Our guest lecturers come from different private and public fields in The Hague and The Netherlands.

Social programme

New friendships are a foundation for new and fruitful cooperation in the future; The Hague Summer School is not just about studying. You are also here to discover the city of The Hague and have fun. All students are paired with ‘buddies’ (students) from THUAS. During the afternoon and in the evening the students of the Summer School can join a great social and cultural programme.

Reasons to apply

  1. The summer course is held in The Hague, the United Nations City of Peace, Justice and Security, packed with 131 international institutions, 80 justice organisations, 300 international businesses and numerous NGOs.
  2. You will gain an all-round ‘international classroom’ experience with fellow students, lecturers and professionals from different cultural backgrounds.
  3. You will prepare yourself for a future career in a multi-national organisation, enrich your personal growth and develop your talents through teamwork, debate and sharing knowledge.
  4. You will make new friends for life from all over the world during your time in The Netherlands.

THUAS Campus life

THUAS is a mini United Nations with a blend of around 150 nationalities on campus. You’ll get access to our state-of-the-art facilities, like our libraryonsite cafés and free Wi-Fi. You’ll get the chance to make new friends and feel part of our diverse international community.

About The Hague

THUAS is located right in the heart of The Hague, so you will get an all-round cultural experience, from galleries packed with Dutch masters to idyllic beaches and parks and buzzing nightclubs. The Hague is known as the International City of Peace and Justice and is filled with international legal institutions. Since 1913, the Peace Palace has been a centre of world justice, hosting the permanent Court of Arbitrations and the International Court of Justice. You’ll also find the International Yugoslavia Tribunal, Europol and the International Criminal Court in The Hague, along with many other courts, tribunals and NGOs. You will feel at home straightaway in The Hague. The city has all the benefits of a big city – the museums, restaurants and transport links – with a welcoming village feel. The Hague itself has many cultural highlights, including Mauritshuis and the Municipal Museum. The city also boasts excellent theatres and music venues.

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