The Hague Summer School

The Hague Summer School is a cutting edge 2 or 4 week modular course that runs in the month of July. The course in The Hague is made up of elective modules that look at connecting the private and public sector through the eyes of engineers, human rights and security professionals and entrepreneurs. Our host city, The Hague, is the United Nations City of Peace, Justice and Security with its 131 international institutions, 80 justice organisations, 300 international businesses and numerous NGOs - the perfect place to see various sectors at work.

Rabat is a modern and historic city in the north-west of Morocco. The city and the surrounding area are the product of a fertile exchange between Arab-Muslim past and Western modernism, with many historic features as well as contemporary architecture and a wide range of cultural and festive activities.

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Samuel Kisuu

Angela Fugazza

Si Chen

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Entry requirements

  • Completed at least your first year of a bachelor degree programme
  • English Proficiency

About campus life

The Hague University of Applied Sciences is a mini United Nations with a blend of 150 nationalities on campus. You'll get access to our state-of-the-art facilities, from a high-tech library to free Wi-Fi and on-site cafés. You'll soon make new friends and feel part of our diverse international community.

In Rabat, you stay and study in a smaller group than in The Hague. You and your group stay at the NIMAR Institute amidst the inviting atmosphere of Moroccan life.

About The Hague

Located in the heart of The Hague, our students get an all-round experience, from galleries packed with Dutch masters to idyllic beaches and parks, and buzzing nightclubs. As the International City of Peace, Justice and Security, The Hague is bursting with international legal institutions. Since 1913, the Peace Palace has been a centre of world justice, hosting the permanent Court of Arbitrations and the International Court of Justice. You'll also find the International Yugoslavia Tribunal, Europol and the International Criminal Court in The Hague, along with many other courts, tribunals and NGOs.

About Rabat

Rabat is the capital of Morocco and home to numerous historical sights and museums. Situated right on the Atlantic Ocean, Rabat is a beautiful city with a unique atmosphere. You can enjoy the climate and culture while getting to know your fellow students.

About Holland

Because we are a Dutch university of applied sciences, you'll experience a hands-on, open, minded and interactive learning environment. We employ a problem-solving approach, just like the real professional world, with exercises that nurture personal leadership skills, like games, debate and group work.

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