European Project Semester

Welcome to EPS at THUAS

At The Hague University of Applied Sciences we believe that our current fast changing world requires engineers and IT specialists who are prepared to look at problems from different perspectives and who have learnt to collaborate with professionals from other disciplines. The EPS is a great way to develop these important skills. The number of successful EPS projects have therefore increased in the past years. We offer five EPS projects, at two different faculties. 

Participants speaking

It's great working with an international team

Callum Jones

Learning about differences

There's freedom to explore new ideas

Laura Tudorie

On freedom to explore

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About campus life

The Hague University of Applied Sciences is a mini United Nations with a blend of 150 nationalities on campus. You'll get access to our state-of-the-art facilities, from a high-tech library to free Wi-Fi and on-site cafés. You'll soon make new friends and feel part of our diverse international community.

About The Hague and Delft

When you arrive in The Hague for your exchange programme, you will find yourself in the heart of Europe in a cosmopolitan city, alive with world-leading government, legal and peace institutions, cultural gems and multinational businesses. There are parks, beaches and woodlands to explore and plenty of nightlife.
Delft is a vibrant and historic city is also a technical and scientific hub with its clusters of research centres and environmental technology companies. The perfect place to your nurture your technical, creative and analytical skills.

About Holland

Because we are a Dutch university of applied sciences, you'll experience a hands-on, open, minded and interactive learning environment. We employ a problem-solving approach, just like the real professional world, with exercises that nurture personal leadership skills, like games, debate and group work.

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