English PREP School

Location details

Location The Hague, Main Campus

Johanna Westerdijkplein 75,
2521 EN, The Hague, The Netherlands

After being accepted

After being (conditionally) accepted

  • Arrange your payment before the deadline (payment details will be mentioned in your invoice).
    - EU/EEA students are required to pay the tuition fee and arrange their own valid health insurance for the Netherlands.
    - NON-EU/EEA students are required to pay a package fee*
    THUAS will apply for ITS Master Plan+ health insurance, an entry visa (if required) and a residence permit for the entire study period;
    When the application is approved by the Dutch Immigration Service (IND), THUAS will inform you via email;
    You will make an appointment with the embassy for getting the entry visa sticker in your passport (if applicable);
  • You need to arrange your own accommodation in the Netherlands before you travel to the Netherlands.
  • THUAS arranges a pick-up service for new incoming students to take you to your Dutch address;
  • You will show the following original documents to THUAS during the official PREP Registration Day:
    Original passport
    Original diploma and original grade list including official translation(s) 
    Original English test result with sufficient score (if applicable)
  • You will attend the compulsory appointments we have arranged for you to complete the Dutch formalities (Registration City Hall / TBC Health Check);
  • After the registration, you are able to open a Dutch bank account to provide the “Request for refund form” including a copy of your bank card;
  • After checking the bank details, we will forward your request to our financial department who will take care of the refund a.s.a.p.;

Tuition fees

The amount for tuition fee for our half year PREP school is € 3,950  
The amount for tuition fee for our full year PREP school is € 7,890

The PREP school offers a full range of facilities included in your fees, such as:

  • All learning materials are included
  • Access to high speed Wi-Fi throughout all buildings
  • Free use of the university’s research (library) and computer facilities with unlimited and uncensored internet access
  • An e-mail account with access to BlackBoard and QuestionMark (THUAS learning and testing management systems)
  • A social program ( join the programme and find out more)

Package fee information

For non-EU/EEA students, THUAS will apply for your residence permit for the purpose of study (and when required an entry visa). To avoid any delay in the application we ask all our International students to transfer a package fee to the account of THUAS before the deadline. We realize the amount for the package fee is high, however one of the requirements from the Dutch Immigration Service (IND) to get (and keep) a residence permit for the purpose of study is to have sufficient financial means since studying and living in a foreign country like the Netherlands is expensive.

For all following academic years, you are required to show proof of sufficient financial means. This is required to retain your residence permit for study and you will be informed about this, when applicable. Sufficient financial means refers to the amount needed to cover the applicable tuition fee, as well as about € 10,500 for living  expenses. In the event that you will not meet these official requirements, THUAS has the obligation to notify the IND and your permit may be revoked. As a result, you will no longer have a legal residence status  in The Netherlands, even if you have already enrolled for the next academic year. This also means that you are no longer allowed to continue your study at THUAS anymore, not even at another programme.  
  • For the half year PREP school we require a package fee of € 14,750
  • For the full year PREP school we require a package fee of € 19,000

The following costs are included in the package fee:

  • Tuition fees for the PREP school;
  • Legal fees for visa and/or residence permit application
  • Health Insurance for the duration of the PREP school (after this period you need to extend this yourself)

The remaining amount is to make sure you have sufficient financial means to provide in your own needs and this will be refunded to your Dutch bank account within 2-4 weeks after receiving a copy of your Dutch bank card and a signed request for refund form. Information how to open a Dutch bank account will be provided later.

Refund policy

  • When the application will not be approved by the IND, we will only deduct the non-refundable legal application fees and the remaining amount will be fully refunded.
  • In case of cancellation, we will deduct the legal application fees and € 100,- cancellation fees and the remaining amount will be fully refunded.
Unfortunately there is no scholarship available for the PREP school and it is also not possible to pay in instalments.

Living costs & daily expenses

Your daily expenses may include food, housing, public transport, books, clothes, and social costs such as cinema tickets. Experience has shown that students living and studying in the Netherlands for (at least) one year spend between € 800 and € 1,100 per month.

Contact the course

For more information about the application procedure or about enrolment, please contact our Enrolment Centre.
Enrolment Centre
Phone    +31 (0)70 445 8585
Email      prepcourse@hhs.nl

If you would like to have more information about the contents of the programme or about the schedule etc., please contact the PREP school.
PREP School
Office manager Ms. S. Baardman
Phone    +31 (0)70  445 7419
Email      s.baardman-wang@hhs.nl

Course manager Mr. J. Brouwer
Phone    +31 (0)70  445 8699
Email      j.brouwer@hhs.nl

If you have any doubts about your study choice, maybe our Study & Career Centre can help you.
Study & Career Centre
Phone   +31 (0)70 445 8595
Email    studycareer@hhs.nl