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The Hague’s PREP school is not an exam preparation course. An exam such as Academic IELTS measures skills such as analysing, reasoning, criticising, evaluating, assessing and expressing opinion in English. It is self-evident that this requires a level of language far more advanced than every day conversational English. The key word in PREP is skills. Proficiency in English is such a skill. Skills are best learnt in a realistic setting. After all, nobody can learn how to swim by reading an instructions manual. Therefore PREP school provides practice in advanced level English in situations that invite the use of the academic skills mentioned above. 


As a PREP-school student, you will attend lessons that focus on English reading, writing, listening and speaking.  Moreover, you will learn other essential academic skills such as debating, oral presentations and research. Throughout the course, you will also take part in group projects on different topics such as food and Dutch culture. Besides regular classes, students are divided into smaller coaching groups of 4 to 6 students. Coaching groups meet once or twice a week with their coach to focus on spoken English more intensively.

Teaching and project periods

The teaching terms are very intensive, but relatively short, so that there is time to work on assignments and projects individually or in groups.  The full year programme has 4 teaching terms and 3 project weeks.  Each teaching term is followed by an exam week. The exams aim to provide you with a reliable indication of how much your learning is progressing. During the projects, you will put the skills you have learned into practice and learn to collaborate with others in international teams.

A typical teaching week will consist of 15-20 hours of classes/coaching sessions. Besides this, there is a considerable amount of homework and out-of-class assignments to be done, so be prepared to approach PREP as if it is a 40-hour working week. Classes are 5 days per week, Monday to Friday, and are scheduled between 8.45am and 6pm.

Extra-curricular activities will be offered by the University and PREP school including the opportunity to join a language buddy program to learn Dutch.

Learning materials

Books and online learning materials are included in the tuition fee. Students have Wi-Fi access throughout the university and can make use of all the facilities the university has to offer.

Many PREP school students come from a very different educational culture with different methods of learning. At PREP school, we focus on study skills that you will need to be successful at a Dutch University.  It is not about what teachers teach and students memorise. Students work together with teachers to generate new knowledge and master new skills. These skills need to be learnt and no matter how dedicated, effective and inspiring a teacher is, the learning has to be done by students. To make your learning more effective you need to constantly critically evaluate what you do and how you do things. The PREP programme will help you develop an effective learning style.

Life at the English PREP School

Besides the strong focus on enhancing your English language ability, the PREP programme aims to help you integrate into Dutch society and Dutch university life quickly and thoroughly so that you will be prepared for academic life in the Netherlands after PREP school.

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For more information about the PREP-course programme content, the schedule or the application procedure, please fill out this contact form or contact PREP school.

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