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The Hague’s PREP school is not an exam preparation course. An exam such as Academic IELTS measures skills such as analysing, reasoning, criticising, evaluating, assessing and expressing opinion in English. It is self-evident that this requires a level of language far more advanced than every day conversational English. The key word in PREP is skills. Proficiency in English is such a skill. Skills are best learnt in a realistic setting. After all, nobody can learn how to swim by reading an instructions manual. Therefore PREP school provides practice in advanced level English in situations that invite the use of the academic skills mentioned above. 


As a PREP School-student you will attend lessons which will focus on grammar, reading, writing, listening and speaking. There will be debating activities, games nights and classes to help your pronunciation. You will also get involved with projects on different topics such as Food, Refugees and Dutch culture. Some study periods are self-guided and others are supervised by coaches. In addition, you will have a coach who you will meet every week to practice your spoken English in small groups. 

Teaching and project periods

The teaching periods are very intensive, but also relatively short, so that time is freed up for you to work on assignments and in projects individually or in groups. In the full year programme there are 4 teaching periods, and 3 project periods when there are no teacher-led classes. Teachers will provide individual assistance, but the initiative lies with YOU. If you would like to use these periods to take a long holiday, you miss out on an essential link in the learning chain. Lastly there are 4 exam periods.

Exam periods

In addition to a final exam, PREP has 3 intermediate exams which aim to provide you with a reliable indication of how much your learning is progressing. The second exam (December) is special as it may result in a negative study advice. Students who have skipped classes and whose learning has not progressed sufficiently, will be asked to leave the course.

You will have classes 5 days per week, Monday to Friday, in sessions of 90 minutes from 8:45 to 18:00 hrs. In addition there will be study periods on different subjects and meetings with senior international students who will provide coaching.  

Learning materials

All learning materials are provided by the university as the costs are included in the tuition fee. This includes an electronic learning tool and of course free, unlimited and uncensored Internet access through the University’s Local Area Network and Wi-Fi points. All student accommodation has Wi-Fi access as well.

Report cards for parents

For those students whose tuition fees are paid for by their parents, report cards will be sent to the parents. They contain the student’s exam results, attendance record and a teacher evaluation of the student’s performance.

Work Forms

Dutch Higher Education is not about what teachers tell and students memorise. Students work together with teachers to generate new knowledge and master new skills. These skills need to be learnt and no matter how dedicated, effective and inspiring a teacher is, the learning has to be done by YOU. To make your learning more effective you need to constantly critically evaluate what you do and how you do things. The PREP programme will help you develop an effective learning style.

Life at the English PREP School

Studying in the Hague means freedom. Of course you are free to decide how to live your personal life, such as what to eat, what to do in your spare time. But you also have freedom in how (much) to study. In the university building you will have free and unlimited access to the Internet. You are free to make friends with any of the around 1,500 international students or any of the 21,000 English speaking Dutch students. But freedom comes with responsibility. Passing the PREP course is not your parents’ nor your teachers’ but YOUR responsibility. That is formalised in the learning contract you will need to sign before undertaking the course. 

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Contact the course

For more information about the application procedure or about enrolment, please contact our Enrolment Centre.
Enrolment Centre
Phone    +31 (0)70 445 8585
Email      prepcourse@hhs.nl

If you would like to have more information about the contents of the programme or about the schedule etc., please contact the PREP school.
PREP School
Office manager Ms. S. Baardman
Phone    +31 (0)70  445 7419
Email      s.baardman-wang@hhs.nl

If you have any doubts about your study choice, maybe our Study & Career Centre can help you.
Study & Career Centre
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