Safety & Security Management Studies - English - Full-time

You could be an urban planner working for the New York City Council to develop safer neighbourhoods after you complete the bachelors and start work. But as a young professional, you do much more.
You’ll discover the culture at your company and what the profession does on a daily basis. You’ll attend meetings and company parties. You’ll also learn all there is to know about your market. The latest developments, the competition and what they do.

At work

Is there anything I cannot be after I graduate?

While you might not be recruited (any time soon) by MI5, you’ll acquire some skills from this programme that are worthy of a 007 agent. Creativity is one of them. Innovation has posed new and more challenging security risks and SSMS students’ creativity enables them to look at these risks from a different angle. As far as your career is concerned, there’ll be an almost perfect fit between the SSMS curriculum and jobs in the commercial sector, in the military or with international government. In the end, it’s your creativity, flexibility and sense of responsibility that will decide how well you do. After all, you will be dealing with people’s lives.

What will you become
Incident investigator
Cyber security consultant
Drug safety medical advisor
Health and safety officer
Safety manager
Security advisor
Quality controller
Director of information security
Security risk analyst
Conflict mediator
What you won't become
A 007 agent (not yet anyway)

Continue studying

If you’re academically inclined, you may want to follow a masters after graduating from SSMS, for instance, in fields more related to crisis management, international relations or with a more business oriented curriculum. Outside the Netherlands, SSMS students can follow a masters straight after graduation. SSMS students have no problem applying for a Masters in Security and Risk Management at the University of Leicester, or Security Supervision and Management at the European Security Academy. You should note that some universities in the Netherlands require you to follow a pre-masters course after graduating from THUAS.

Need help making a decision

We would like to help you make the right decision

It takes a bit of thought and research to find the right programme. The Hague University of Applied Sciences organizes various activities throughout the year to give you the best possible idea of the various study’s offered. You also learn what it’s like to study at THUAS. This way, you can click on the registration button without a doubt in mind. Or you’ll know for certain it’s not right for you. 

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Safety & Security Management Studies - English - Full-time?

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