Sport Studies | International Sport Management - English - 3 years - Full-time

The International Sport Management (ISPM) study deals with the organisational side of sport. This programme is the first step towards your professional success in the global sport industry. During your studies you will become an established leader, participate within an international sport network and actively engage in intercultural initiatives. Due to the extreme international environment of the programme, you will also perfect your English and build your own global network.

What do we look for? A student who has a passion for sports, is a team-player and has a global outlook are traits we look for in an ISPM student. Not only that, but also who has an interest in business and who wants to become their own version of a game changer. If you have an aptitude and curiosity for finance, marketing, research, communications, sociology, ethics, law and politics is beneficial.

The three-year ISPM programme starts in September.

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International Sport Management 3 years, 2022-2023

International Sport Management is a three-year programme. All prospective students should start by applying for enrolment via Studielink. After you apply for the programme, the Enrolment Centre will assess whether or not your previous education allows you to study ISPM at THUAS. If you have any questions regarding your enrolment or application, please contact the Enrolment Office at

You have a Dutch diploma

To enrol for the ISPM 3-year programme you will need a secondary school diploma comparable to a Dutch VWO diploma and a good command of English. If you are not sure if your program is eligible, please see this page.

After your application has been processed, you will be asked to send in a mandatory video answering some questions regarding your motivation towards the programme.

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You have a non-Dutch diploma

To enrol for the ISPM 3 year programme you will need a secondary school diploma comparable to a Dutch VWO diploma and a good command of English.
Also, an interview is a mandatory part of the application process. 

Before we can decide on your eligibility, we’ll need to assess your secondary school certificate.
To make sure your certificate is evaluated fairly, we work with NUFFIC, an organisation that specialises in the assessment of international education qualifications.

If you were not educated in the Netherlands you usually have to submit a language test to be admitted. Depending on the type and country of your diploma you may however qualify for exemption. Please check our entry requirements page for more information.
Perhaps your academic background is not quite the right level. Or you need some help improving your English skills. Don’t worry. There might be some alternative options to help you get in, and prepare yourself for a successful start of your studies at The Hague University of Applied Sciences (THUAS).

Admissions Test 21+
If you’re 21 years old before 1 September 2022, but don’t have a diploma or a qualification that meets the entry requirements, you can take the 21+ Admissions Test. The 21+ Admissions Test is offered at several dates between January and the start of the academic year, and consists of a digital general capacity test. Please note that you can only participate if you have an EEA-nationality or residence permit for the Netherlands that is valid on the test date.

English Academic Preparation Programme
Need help with your English? If you haven’t quite reached the right level of English for your chosen Bachelor’s or Master’s degree programme, you can enrol for English Academic Preparation Programme. After the successful completion of this programme, you’ll be ready to start your degree at THUAS and you will already have a good taste of studying and living in the Hague.

The Hague Pathway College
If you’d like to apply for a 3-year bachelor programme but don’t meet the academic entry requirements, you might be interested in joining The Hague Pathway College. This foundation programme has two intakes, one in September and one in January. It offers you the chance to bring your academic level up to the required level and work on your English at an academic level at the same time.Please check for more information.

There can be no exceptions made to the official admission requirements. The Central Student Enrolment Office is the only agency that can arrive at decisions regarding your qualification for admission as based on the official regulations. You cannot rely on any other sources of information with regard to your qualification for admission.

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